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How is Synthetic Test Made?

I’ve got a nagging question in my mind I was hoping some of the chemically minded here could help answer and indulge my curiosity.

How is Testosterone synthesized artifically?

There is already a heap of literature out there on how cholesterol is eventually made into testerone in the human body…

But what I really want to know is: How do they artifically mass produce testosterone into that gritty white powder?

usually start off with some soy-derived terpene and go from there. there are whole books on the subject of synthesizing test from scratch, they are located in the science library of any decent university.

thanks ubl0.

I’ll go do more searching and reading up on it.

no worries, also some of the new methods are from isoflavones. this is a quicker synthesis and is how it is made commercially. the only good phytoestrogens are the ones turned into AAS!