How is Scrotal Cream Viewed by TRT Guys?

Here is a question for you guys:

Lots of men are doing the scrotal cream doing 3 clicks twice a day. When you hear that, does your brain immediately go to “that’s a cycle!” or simply, “that’s just TRT cream applied to their balls… no big deal”

Answer and then I’ll explain the reasoning behind my question.

It doesn’t have the same “stigma” to me, so no. Looking only at levels you might get a different answer though, if most people get anything like the levels I got from scrotal cream.

To me if you’re working with a dr to resolve symptoms, the theraputic dose or the method of taking that dose the two of you have worked out is none of my business.

More to your question 3 clicks twice a day, I would think nothing of it, or a total of 6 clicks a day however you apply it. More that that I might give a bit of the ol’ “side eye” but probably wouldn’t think much of it. For reference I don’t really think much of inj tcyp doses until it’s over about 350/week, but if you’re working with a doc and he’s cool with it to get you better, who am u to judge.

But I’m pretty laissez-faire about a lot of stuff, medical treatment is one of them.

OK, so here’s the thing:

Men doing 3 clicks twice daily are typically getting their free T levels to 50… with some even way over 60. No big deal, right?

My prescription TRT is 250mg a week which brings my free T to 28. We can ‘estimate’ that if I doubled my dose and took 500mg a week, my free T may wind up somewhere around 56. Still lower than some of these guys on the scrotal cream.

Those guys would have higher serum levels than I would if I was taking 500mg a week.

My question to you is: Why is it that if I was to take 500mg a week everyone would immediately say I’m on a cycle yet we don’t say the same for guys doing 3 clicks of cream twice daily?

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My take, is not enough people understand the dosing of cream in relation to injections yet. So you have a disconnect because of it. I should clarify by saying dosing only and not based on what that dosimg equates to in levels.

On the other hand when I was on cream, I was applying around 8-10 clicks daily or something around that. The difference was my applicator didn’t spit out 50mg or whatever most do, mine was 10mg per click. If you didnt know that maybe I would be accused of cycling lol.

I think you’re spot on here. People aren’t good at correlating the doses with outcomes in their mind. They just know that 500mg test cyp is a typical starting steroid cycle, any other delivery method doesn’t make sense. Everyone asks what & how much your injecting, not what your levels are. Most guys that run a cycle have no clue anyway.

In my mind, at the core of it, is symptom resolution/optimization/health, or just to get jacked/swole. Even with that if someone is using cream, to me it’s trt, I don’t even consider it a cycle regardless of levels, never enters my mind.

For me, it’s the convenience of injection once weekly (experimenting with 3x now) and successful results with injection, over multiple cream applications.

I offer several protocol options and explain pros and cons of each. The vast majority go with a once weekly injection, I’d say almost 100%, though down the road a few, less than 10% move to twice weekly.

Regarding scrotal creams, no one has wanted to start with it. Daily application, twice daily, and inconvenience (letting it dry, timing around showers, wife didn’t want risk of transfers, etc.) are stated.