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How Is Progression Done In Reverse Pyramid Training?

I have been working out for quite some time now using straight sets (3 x 8-12 for example) although it has begun to stagnate.

I am now looking for a change in my routine, and came across ‘Reverse Pyramid Training’. This seems great, as I was looking for something which allows you to hit low & high rep ranges during the workout.

Anyway, I was just wondering how I’d progress with this routine though. For example, the way I progressed when I was using straight sets is I would go 3x8 or so with the same amount of weight for all 3 sets. If I could achieve that, I would then increase the weight next time. If I couldn’t achieve it, I would keep the weight the same for the next workout and try to get another rep or two until I eventually reached 3x8.

With Reverse Pyramid Training, would progression pretty much work the same way? For example, with Flat Bench Press it would go 6>8>10>12 reps with my highest weight at the start, lowering it by 10% or so per set. So would I just increase the weight once I hit all 6>8>10>12 rep ranges? The reason I ask is because I’ve read some things which suggest that the only set worth worrying about in Reverse Pyramid Training is the first set, so this should be the only one I need to worry about hitting all reps.

Thanks guys.

I would just try to increase weight and reps each week. Its really that simple, when I’ve done it in the past I progressed really well. For example:
Incline DB press would go like this:
1st set:6x110 These 6 would be fairly hard almost to failure but a rep or two short of all out.
2nd set:100x8
And the week after I would try to add 5lbs to the first set and hit 110 for 8.