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How Is my T Level for my Age?

Thank you for sharing that. It’s definitely encouraging hearing from real people and there results.

I got my first Injection today. Aftee being told i had the testosterone of an 80 year old man at age 30. He’s wanting to do bi weekly for 2 months before he checks my level again. And my next Injection if i can perform the procedure by myself he will let me do the Injections myself. He said he wants to wait and see what my results are after 2 months before he decides If I should be doing weekly treatments. Now my question is if I can start doing them myself should I go ahead and start doing 50mg every 3.5 days or just stick to his plan for 2 months. After researching every 3.5 days sounds like the way to go. Thanks.

One injection every two weeks does not work, your hormone levels will be swinging like a woman in menopause, is that what your doctor wants?

I can tell you first-hand what it feels like to drop from 1200 to 600 ng/dl, it feels like a big rig running you over. Your doctor is following guidelines written by an idiot who thought he knew what he was doing.

The half-life of the drug your injecting is 5 to 8 so injecting once every two weeks makes no sense.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. I will talk to him again then

But he said when he checks my testosterone in 2 months he wants to check the level exactly 7 days after my injection

If he won’t let me do 50 mg every 3.5 days should I just do it anyways? Just wondering how that will impact my test in 2 months

I went around and around with my doctor like this at first as well. Started at 100mg every 14 days but he let me inject from the start. I just started doing 50mg a week. I stayed at every 7 days for a while but when he wanted a test on trough day I would switch to 14 days out for that test. Needless to say I felt awful but this was how I showed him his protocol was ineffective while at the same time trying to follow something that might at least get me feeling a bit better. He then doubled the dose after the blood work came back lower (no big surprise) and I felt a little better. Started E3.5D and felt way better but still not great. He bumped me slightly and I was feeling even a bit better. I had to do my own E2 tests and get that in line myself however.

Play the game but be smart. If he wants 7 days from an injection of 100mg for bloods, give it to him. You wont feel great but the other option is try to find a new doc with no guarantee they will be TRT friendly/knowledgeable, try to find a knowledgeable endo (good luck), or pay out of pocket for a TRT facility.

Thank you. That helps alot