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How Is my T Level for my Age?

I dont even own a thermometer. I haven’t had a fever in years and am rarely sick. I’ll have to pick one up or ask my doctor. They haven’t ever check my body temp… prolactin is 5.54 ng/ml normal range is 2.64-13.13, SHBG 15.4nmol/L normal range Is 13.3-89.5, free testosterone percent is 2.74 normal range is 1.6-2.9, free testosterone calculation is 52pg/ml normal range is 33-227, testosterone level is 188.6 ng/dl normal range Is 205-781. Testosterone bioavailable is 121 ng/dl. Normal range 131-682. Sorry that’s all the info I have. If there’s other tests or labs he needs to run please let me know. Is It ok to start TRT if you have moderately high blood pressure. I’ve seen heart doctors that have ran tests and everything is fine. Is it possible my bp Is high because of low T?

Welcom to the forum.

There is a LOT of information to take in when trying to optimize your own health.
Thankfully you will find lots of good information here and people willing to help you.

I will point out that you need to drop the idea of “my doctor says I am fine”, or based on my labs I am fine.
After spending a little reading here and other forums, you will discover that most doctors…even ones claiming to know about HRT/TRT really have no clue.

No one is going to care about YOUR health like YOU do.

Temperature readings at doctors office are not useful. We need temperatures at the times of day specified and you need to be resting, not eating or drinking for some time, not talking etc before the measurements.

In the future, we need labs in list format. It is hard to digest lab data buried in prose.

Blood pressure:
Do you have resting pulse rate? BPM
There are a few possible factors for elevated blood pressure and some could be diet related or deficiencies. Possible magnesium issue. If you get leg/foot cramps or can tighten a muscle and have it lock up, you have a magnesium deficiency. Two caps of “ZMA” at bed time will probably fix that. What is the connection to BP? The ability of the arteries to accept a pulse of blood from the heart depends on the muscle tone of the muscle that wrap internally around the arteries. Also not that low-T also can adversely affect arterial muscle tone.

Describe diet.
Describe caffeine intake.
Describe health issues, BP was one example.
Any digestive issues or food sensitivities/allergies?
List meds, Rx and OTC.
List supplements.

You can provide your history of using iodized salt or vitamins listing iodine now.

How many temperature readings do you need? My diet isn’t the best. I need alot of work done there. I usually eat a granola bar for breakfast or eggs as of lately. Lunch is at work so either fast food or a sandwich and bag of chips from lunch. Dinners consist of pizza once a week, then usually hamburgers and fries one night, chicken breast and veggies usually broccoli cauliflower carrots and mashed potatoes. a couple nights and pork chops and vegetables sometimes we make tacos or chicken alfredo.i don’t add salt to anything. But i know processed stuff has it. I dont think I’ve added salt to my food in 15 years. I try to limit as much I can. I rarely drink caffeine. No coffee, soda, sweet tea once a w
eek. And that’s a maybe at once a week.no food allergies. Only otc is quercetin and olive leaf extract. 500mg a day. I take it about 4 days a week though.excedrin If i get a headache maybe 2 tablets or 3 a month

For a month I took my blood pressure 6 times a day for the doctor. This was in January. I dont work in January. Being freezing cold most days I sat at home. My best blood pressure reading was 126/82, worst was 158/98. With most times being 140s over low 90s.

When my testosterone levels tanked (225 ng/dL) it caused high blood pressure and high resting heart rate, TRT cure both. Perhaps it will do the same for you, studies show high blood pressure and elevated heart rates can result from low hormone levels.

Thanks. Glad to hear you are better and it helped you

Salt: If you are not using iodized salt at home, you are iodine deficient. Prepared/factory meals and restaurant food: do not expect these to use iodized salt. All we are concerned with is the iodine, not the NaCl.

So I need to have my doctor check iodine levels, magnesium levels, I need to check my temperature a few times, resting blood pressure. With that information it will tell you what exactly? Just curious. Is it why my testosterone is low

Most guys never are able to find out why testosterone is low, those tests won’t tell you squat.

Same with me

How long did it take to see results if you don’t mind me asking

It took about a couple of months, back then I was on the wrong protocol, injection frequency and dosage were wrong. I’m a low SHBG and is making TRT difficult, my injection frequency lies between injecting every 2.5 -3 days.

Injecting EOD is just too unstable and chaotic for me but sexual function and libido are insane, injecting every 3.5 days is almost enough, mentally I feel great but sexual function and libido are absent.

I wish TRT was simpler for me, my body is just too darn complicated. Most do well injecting their doses twice weekly and can enjoy all the benefits right off the bat, some require fine tuning.

Thank you for sharing that. It’s definitely encouraging hearing from real people and there results.

I got my first Injection today. Aftee being told i had the testosterone of an 80 year old man at age 30. He’s wanting to do bi weekly for 2 months before he checks my level again. And my next Injection if i can perform the procedure by myself he will let me do the Injections myself. He said he wants to wait and see what my results are after 2 months before he decides If I should be doing weekly treatments. Now my question is if I can start doing them myself should I go ahead and start doing 50mg every 3.5 days or just stick to his plan for 2 months. After researching every 3.5 days sounds like the way to go. Thanks.

One injection every two weeks does not work, your hormone levels will be swinging like a woman in menopause, is that what your doctor wants?

I can tell you first-hand what it feels like to drop from 1200 to 600 ng/dl, it feels like a big rig running you over. Your doctor is following guidelines written by an idiot who thought he knew what he was doing.

The half-life of the drug your injecting is 5 to 8 so injecting once every two weeks makes no sense.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. I will talk to him again then

But he said when he checks my testosterone in 2 months he wants to check the level exactly 7 days after my injection

If he won’t let me do 50 mg every 3.5 days should I just do it anyways? Just wondering how that will impact my test in 2 months

I went around and around with my doctor like this at first as well. Started at 100mg every 14 days but he let me inject from the start. I just started doing 50mg a week. I stayed at every 7 days for a while but when he wanted a test on trough day I would switch to 14 days out for that test. Needless to say I felt awful but this was how I showed him his protocol was ineffective while at the same time trying to follow something that might at least get me feeling a bit better. He then doubled the dose after the blood work came back lower (no big surprise) and I felt a little better. Started E3.5D and felt way better but still not great. He bumped me slightly and I was feeling even a bit better. I had to do my own E2 tests and get that in line myself however.

Play the game but be smart. If he wants 7 days from an injection of 100mg for bloods, give it to him. You wont feel great but the other option is try to find a new doc with no guarantee they will be TRT friendly/knowledgeable, try to find a knowledgeable endo (good luck), or pay out of pocket for a TRT facility.