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How is My SARMs Super Stack?


What you think of my stack :
LGD 4033: 20mg
YK 11: 10mg
RAD 140: 30mg
MK 677: 25mg
GW-501516: 25mg
Andarine S4: 50mg
SR9009 : 30mg
Ostarine : 50mg
IGF - 1: 100mcg

Liver aid supplement

Anything you suggest add/subtract or change for maximum synergy?

I think you need more sarms


If you’re not trolling then I don’t know what to say.

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Jesus Christ this is an excellent troll.

The Dyllan Jizzsmelli stackeroo

What would all this crap cost? I imagine in a hypothetical scenario (if op was getting legitimate IGF-1, which in itself is absurdly expensive and risky as fuck due to the potential for large scale unregulated cell growth #cancer) and all that HGH this would tear up some walletz.

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No. For real.

That’s sounds like an overdose !

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  1. I understand HGH safe maximum recommended would be 5IU, but from what I read, it is debatable (some studies support, others deny) and at most it seems what HGH may do is accelerate the cancer one already has.

  2. The stack would be for an 8 week cycle, which is below the safe maximum, after which is PCT, plus the Liver aid supplement meanwhile to avoid unpleasant effects. So it wouldn’t be long term and it’d be with supplements to temper any ill-effects

LMFAO “safe maximum” I can’t deal with people who can justify shit like this. Good luck fellas.


How much did this all cost you? Forget the HGH in the equation, because that’s well worth the cost. But the SARMs that you’re using have to cost an absolute fortune. Compare that cost and the results vs a real, grownup cycle and I bet it’s not even close.

You’re going to take a very large amount of unproven, experimental drugs, that cost more than real, proven steroids. Look at it logically and then tell me that it makes any kind of sense. And for a moment let’s pretend that each of these drugs on their own work at the top end of the best case. They’re still going to underperform traditional steroids. This is such a bad idea and the fact that everyone here is telling you that should be an indicator. Nobody here is trying to sell you anything. Nobody here profits from telling you to avoid doing this. The advice you’re getting is unbiased. We’re here to help guys make good choices. Not one person here thinks this qualifies as a good choice. Why do you think that is?


Dude, where to begin…

What precisely do you expect to see from running HGH for 8 weeks?

Strenght, Endurance, Bone Density, Mass, Health benefits, Healing, etc

Haven’t bought it yet as wanna 2x check.
I’m going SARMs vs Steroids due gyno thing, liver, testo supression effect, baldness and all other effects, which with SARMs are mild and dealt with PCT.

You think this

has less of this

than 500mg test E and nolva?


Forget all these haters man. They are only relying on Bro science. That stack looks amazing. Have you already bought your gym membership?


This is really misguided. Instead of mocking you I will explain why you’re incorrect in your belief. This is in the name of harm reduction.

Read the post on here about the guy who got gyno from using ostarine. He got gyno because his ostarine was obviously not ostarine. There’s no reason why the same can’t happen to you. The supplement industry is the Wild West. No guarantees about what’s actually in that bottle.

Running test alone mitigates this issue entirely.

This proposed cycle will be damn near as suppressive as just using test. You’ll use the same pct irrespective. It’s a non-issue.

Same as gyno. If your product is genuine then sure, you probably avoid a lot of shedding by using a SARM. But who’s to say you’re getting what’s labeled? Beyond that, hair shedding is not something that happens to all guys who use test. My hair is exactly the same as it was when I started trt two years ago. It’s more generic than anything else.

You’re taking more risk when you have at your disposal some options that are much safer and cheaper. And you’re doing it to get less. I simply do not understand how you came to conclusions. Where is your source material for the info on all these SARMs? How did you get turned on to them in the first place? Walk me through your process, if you’d be so kind.

I’m more so just Interested in how much of a discount you get when you enter Dylan Gymelis discount code.


Stop being condescending, dick. Everybody knows you can safely take 20 mg of LGD 4033 and 10 mg of YK 11 and 30 mg of RAD 140 and 25 mg of MK 677 and 25 mg of GW-501516 and 50 mg of Andarine S4 and 30 mg of SR9009
and 50mg of Ostarine all at the same time because of all the numerous studies that have been done on people combining these dosages of SARMs for 8 weeks and everyone was totally safe.


It’s not my fault I can’t help it… I think Its all the tren​:joy::joy:

But seriously people like this shouldn’t be using anything. I’m all for high doses and pushing the envelope of AAS use but when I see this type of shit the level of retardation that goes into this baffles me and honestly irritates me.

We all make mistakes but putting this cycle together took planning and thought and anyone who is able to do that needs to stay far away from sarms and AAS

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If you cant prove it was not safe, then it must of been safe. That is how science works.

Serious question tho,why is the pct a liver aid supp? Shouldnt that be ran during the cycle?

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Low reward, high risk. Some people just like to live on the edge, baby.

Serious other question: why would you need post cycle therapy if the assloads of drugs you’re taking aren’t suppressive, and why would you need liver aid if they don’t damage your liver?