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How is My Life?


I am a marine and I live in the barraks, my roommate thinks he needs to help me and my life style because all I do is go to the gym work and sleep. He wants me to party and do other crazy stuff with him, he is even trying to get me to sleep with some skanks he knows. I explain that I don't live to party, I don't drink smoke or do drugs, my biggest focuse and I my addiction is to the gym and physical fitness.

He thinks it is stupid that I sleep so much but I know sleep is important and I only get 7 to 8 hours a night. I do have friends but they are the sameas me they know that you don't have to drink and have sex to be happy and have fun. I am perfectly happy with the way I live, what do I need to do to make my roommate understand?


You don't need your roommate to understand shit. Do your thing, it makes you happy, what he thinks is not relevant.


I <3 Your Life.

Big Fan.


Try bragging more.


Other than the spelling mistakes your life seems grand.


Being in the Army, I recognize what you are talking about. We seem to be the minority. Without getting too psychoanalytical, it's his way of trying to connect with you. It validates him. He's not mature enough to be secure without all that other shit. Do what you do, get bigger, then PIIHB while he sleeps to show him who's alpha.



Don't let anyone tell you what you have to do or feel or think to be happy. Find your way.


Have you tried hitting him?


I can understand the not smoking, drinking, partying...

...but are you really entirely uninterested in getting laid?

I mean, you don't NEED to have sex to have fun and be happy, but it's not really like that particular activity is a huge bummer, ya know?


Ah, the life of a barraks rat. I remember that. I alternated between what you do and what your roomate does.

The best part of my military experience are the soldiers who were, and remain, my friends.

The worst part of my military people were the rest of the soldiers.


What about dulling the pain of having been thrown into an uncaring universe !?!


Some guys actually don't enjoy sleeping with girls with whom they don't have some kind of emotional connection.

I'm one of them.




Stay away from the barracks whores dude, they go around to everyone's rooms trying to find someone to marry, and then guys like your roommate will wind up marrying them just for the BAH and opportunity to move off base.

Keep living your life the way YOU like to. Will partying and nailing whores increase your PFT score and, in turn, improve your cutting score which will get you promoted faster? No. Tell your doucheknuckle roommate to fuck himself, you're going to do YOU, and that's it. I take it you're early in your career, right? Now's the time to be serious and get ahead as fast as you can.

If it really bothers you, go talk to your SNCO and see about changing barracks rooms. Or, just wait until you get deployed, and get back; you'll be moved into different barracks then and get a new roommate.


Get a new roommate and whatever you do don't hook up with chicks hanging around the barracks. Thayer just trying to lock down a guy and get married/have a baby.

Hang around people who value the same things that you do.


How and the fuck do whores get on base?

Both you and Ink gave this advice.

Not like whores are the smartest things known to man, but that is serious breach in security.


Haha, I bet Greg had the same whores around his barracks that I had around mine. Some of them would have base stickers/id's because Daddy was an officer, or they would just come through the gate with a friend who was stationed there, or they worked on base somewhere. Where there's a plethora of military dudes, the whores get there. Somehow.


Whore Supply and Demand:
Since the whore demand amongst marines is high it has drawn a large supply.


Exactly. That's what I was getting at. Thanks for the graph, for the "visual learners" out there


They were there the whole time. They're politely referred to as "officers"