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How is My Friend's Workout Plan?

This is a workout made by friends who want to build muscle. They are weak and novices with that toned kinda look. What are the principles behind building muscle vs strength training. I think they should bulk on a novice program to build a base first since you can’t build much muscle with a 135 bench press. But idk if I’m correct. Educate me.

Sure it is.

Just pick a program and do it.


Contrary to some internet bullshit, I’ve never seen anybody that had some muscle but not strength. Also, the strong (like 700+ deadlift, etc.) guys also looked quite muscular.

All of this to say- that question represents a dumb way of thinking that should be disposed of.

Have your friends do all of that stuff real hard and they’ll get bigger and stronger. Come back in 6 months, and if I’m wrong I’ll issue a refund.


24 sets for legs is a bit much, and I don’t know why deadlifts are under “quad exercises”.

Oh look a worthless response

This kind of childish response is really going to limit the level of interaction you get on here.

Did you ever figure out why you felt “attacked” by the guys offering you advice on the other thread?


You can build muscle with a 135lbs bench press. What’s the alternative? Build a 405lbs bench before you focus on building muscle? Even if you have no interest in bench? That seems a particularly silly path to take.

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But it’s said to be bliss? Why would I want to be so mean? You’ll probably be happier without being told you’re a fool.


How so?

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Educate me don’t say it in a mean way.

Increase the weight by 10 pounds a month. Starting at 135 or 95 or 195 doesnt matter. Go up 60 pounds and you build muscle.

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Why do a friends workout plan when there are free programs written by experts on this site?

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Oh no I’m not doing this program. My friend made it and I’m just wondering if it’s optimal for him when he’s a novice. It’s ok tho he said he knows he needs a base so he adds weight weekly.

I was wondering that myself.

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In the past(freshman year and sophomore year) I found that making my own workout was not helpful at all. This past junior year of highschool my lifts skyrocketed just from being on 5/3/1. So simple and big results.

Why let him make his own program if he’s a novice? Why not give him a program made by an expert from this site?

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No one here could tell you that without knowing a LOT of details about your friend.

If anyone ever tells you they know how to do something optimally, they are trying to sell you something.


I did. He said he’ll check it out.

He’s 130 lbs. most he benched was 165 most he squatted was 150. Most he deadlifted was 200.

I do not know what you want me to do with that information.

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