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How is My Deadlift Going?

Hi all,
I forgot my password of my other account so i made a new one.
Since a few weeks i am doing deadlifts. No i’ve read it is a very good compound excercise but also if you do it wrong, an injury maker.

I have filmed my deadlift today and i am wondering if i do the deadlift correct or not.
Would you be so kind to give me feedback on my deadlifts? Is it good enough to avoid injuries?

Thanks in advance!


Somebody please?

It’s a bit light to see any of your form breakdown. Unless this is as heavy as you go, it’s tough to have bad form on such low weight for you. Although I will say that looking to the side while your deadlifting is not the smartest move. Remember neutral spine.

I usually don’t comment on form videos as I’m nowhere near qualified but I’m bored…

This was ok.

Then you pushed the bar forward and dropped your hips too low. At heavier weights, your torso will be pulled forward and your lower back will be taking the brunt of the load.

Thanks for the reply.
Was my back ok on the first image you posted? so when i push my hips should be in the same position as on image 1?

If the weight is light enough that you can glance at the side mirror (20 seconds into the video) and take a step with the weight in your hands, it is too light to be informative as a form check.

51 seconds into the video, you lower yourself to the bar, glance sideways again (which pulls you out of alignment and screws up your breathing and bracing), and walk around with the bar some more after pulling the rep.

Please go read this thread:

and this thread

All of the advice given applies to you.

Also, deadlift form videos with 135 for 10 disjointed reps are basically meaningless. I’ve been banging this drum for awhile, but any form-check video shot with less than ~80% of your 1RM tells the viewer almost nothing about how you look with weights that you’ll have to strain to hit.

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Great, thanks. I will read the article. I think I should try three things:

  • Add more weights
  • Don’t look to the side before starting
  • Lift my hips a bit up.

One thing @dt79 is getting at is inconsistent form. There are better reps in here and then there are worse reps. Might do for you to take an extra second or two in between reps to hit all of your cues. What can help is to completely re-setup for each rep. Like stand all the way up and maybe take your hands off the bar. Every bad rep you practice grooves bad habits. It really depends on your goals though. Re-setting up for every rep takes additional time and is not going to get your heart rate up, however, until you’ve learned good motor patterns, it’s probably more important to nail the basic mechanics of the lift.

Re-watch the video and look at the bar path. There are some reps where the bar path is relatively straight up and then there are reps where the bar goes out and comes back in. In your setup, you want your shins as close to perpendicular to the floor as possible. This alleviates two things: crooked bar path and wasted force. Every degree off of perpendicular that your shins are from the floor will add extra inefficiency in the movement.

Here’s a good video where Brian Alsruhe goes through his deadlift.

The big thing about deadlift is that there are guys with great form that will never get past 3 plates and there are guys with shit form according to the experts that will pull 800+. You have to use the larger principles (straight lower back, perpendicular shins, tighter than you can imagine in the hole) and find out what works for you.