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How Is My Bulker? PCT Help Needed


I am near the end of my cutter and I want to start to plan out my bulker. Cutter was Tren Ace 100mg EOD with Test Prop 100mg EOD. I am starting Anavar and Masteron for the last 4 weeks. After this I plan on taking 4 weeks off where I will buy and plan out my bulker and then jump right into it. This is what I am thinking what do you guys think.

Sust250 - 250mg EOD
Tren Ace - 100mg EOD
Test Prop - 100mg EOD
Anadrol - 50mg or 100mg ED depending on how my stomach is
for first 4 weeks
EQ - 200mg EOD (maybe not to sure yet)
Arimidex - ????
Nolvadex - ????
Clomid - ????
Proviron - ????

Only reason I have the tren/prop in there is bc I have a lot left over from my cutter so I dont know if I should use it or save it for next cutter. I cant break the two up either, they are already mixed together in a bottle so I either use it mixed or not at all. If its not a good idea for the tren/prop mix, should I buy more tren alone or maybe run deca instead?

I am not sure what I should use for my PCT either and if I should run Arimidex throughout the whole bulk or not. If anyone can lead me in the right direction for the best PCT for this cycle I would be very greatful.


The first thing I see is only 4 weeks off between your cutting cycle and your bulking cycle. I'm not sure if you are intending the mast/var to be a bridge but unless the cutting cycle was a shorty you should take more time off in between and use some form of PCT. You also probably should not have mixed your prop and tren together, just for cases like this.

I would use the tren for bulking but running two seperate types of test is not needed. I guess the prop could be used as part of a kickstart but not the entire cycle.

Besides for that test/tren/drol would be good together for bulking. The EQ would not make a huge difference as you already have enough gear running already, however the EQ may help to increase hunger which will help with bulking.
I would run the adex at .25-.5mg/day during the cycle.

As far as PCT I would say test taper. But a test taper cannot be done with a multi-estered test like sust. It can be done with prop, but you already mixed tren in with it, so that won't work either. So it looks like you are stuck with conventional PCT unless you buy more test (e, cyp or prop). I prefer nolv over clomid in that aspect, but thats just me. My .02. Good luck