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How is My Blood Looking?

I wasnt able to get a full blood check from my doctor so I just got the general.

06-03-2020, RDW, red bloodcell distribution width 12.5
06-03-2020, ALBK, albumine/creatinine ratio urine (ACR) 0.5
06-03-2020, MCV, M.C.V. 95
06-03-2020, KREA, creatinine urine 21.3
06-03-2020, HT, hematocriet (Ht) 0.52
06-03-2020, ALB, albumine urine portie 11
06-03-2020, HB, hemoglobine (Hb) 10.6
06-03-2020, ALAT, alanineaminotransferase (ALAT;SGPT) 37
06-03-2020, KREC, eGFR volgens CKD-EPI formule 71
06-03-2020, KREA, creatinine 119
06-03-2020, FERR, ferritine 32
06-03-2020, CHHD, cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol ratio 6.2
06-03-2020, LDL, LDL-cholesterol 4.1
06-03-2020, HDL, HDL-cholesterol 0.87
06-03-2020, CHOL, cholesterol totaal 5.4
06-03-2020, CRP, C-reactive proteĂŻne (CRP) < 3
06-03-2020, BSE, bezinking (BSE) 2
06-03-2020, TSH, thyroĂŻd stimulerend hormoon (TSH) 1.3
06-03-2020, GLUC, glucose nuchter, veneus (lab) 4.8
06-03-2020, TRIG, triglyceriden 0.89

I will go to a private lab for more extensive bloodwork.

Can anyone give some input on how this looks? I’m not too familar with the numbers, Doctor said it’s not that bad. But I don’t feel quite normal, experiencing blurry vision and weird pressures in head, BP appeared to be normal now, still I dont feel normal.

Any input? She overlook something?

It’s hard to tell without the ranges. Looks like your ferritin is on the lower end. It wouldn’t be a bad idea in the furore to get a full iron panel done. You’re HCT is borderline high which is to be expected if you are on or just got off Testosterone. It’s not high enough currently to cause any real concern. The creatine looks to be a little high. Cholesterol looks ok. That’s if ranges on your test are anything like labcorp ranges in the US.

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How to get that HCT down? Im guessing this could be cause of the test/deca? I haven’t experienced this blurry vision and stuff before after cycles. Could it already have triggered polycythemia?

Yeah noticed the cholesterol. What helps to get my hct n chol to normal levels faster. I read something about iron supplementation?

Iron supplementation could raise HCT further. You could donate blood to lower HCT immediately but that comes with it’s own drawbacks especially with a lower ferritin level to start with. Your HCT should decrease as you get further from your last cycle. At 52 immediately post cycle it’s likely not something to worry about. Low iron can effect vision. When I was iron deficient anemic I had low energy and when I stood up I would get fuzzy vision. Being on testosterone can use up your iron stores more quickly than when not on.

How far post cycle are you? Are you cruising currently?

@aaronca knows more about cholesterol and may have some insight on how to treat it if needed.

It would be beneficial if you posted the ranges for cholesterol.

But the blood withdrawal was at already 3 weeks after last pin? so these results are from 3 weeks after.

Still fine?

Yeah red blood cells have a 2-4 month lifespan. It takes a while to go down.

Any way to speed this up? I was planned to do another last cycle originally then quit, provided if I could get my levels normal.

Seems like now it wouldn’t be a good idea any time soon.

The only way I know of that definitely works is to give blood but you could crash your ferritin in the process since it’s low to begin with. I’ve heard grapefruit (the white skin began the fruit & the rine) can also lower it. Possibly even pomegranate juice but you’ll have to look that up.

How bout giving blood, and then supplementing Iron? could it help with ferritin? Ill check the juice.

Also how much blood should be given, 0.5L is general right?

This was my first time using Deca.

Weird, I haven’t felt like this after other cycles, even tren or high anadrol, never had these blurry vision symptoms or dizziness, pressures etc.

Does Deca affect blood more than other compounds? Seems odd

Iron takes months and months to raise from supplements if you’re levels are low. Having low iron makes you feel like shit. I don’t know what the answer is here but maybe @unreal24278 would know.

@giano I really don’t know enough about Deca. The whole Deca-dick possibility rules it out for me.

LDL is a little high, and HDL a little low. Triglycerides look good. Was this done on cycle? Or is this your normal range? If it’s on cycle and you’re coming off, I would sweat it, it’s temporary. If it’s what you’re going to continue hovering around, might look into it.

The numbers are the same as US measurements so I don’t quite remember the conversion. Neither look horrifically off like mine are though.

It was taken 3-4 weeks after last pin

However I am experiencing pressures in head and blurry vision, never had that on or after a cycle.


His cholesterol isn’t great. His LDL is borderline high, HDL is in the 30s

Rule is multiply by 38.67

Continually give blood/phlebtomise, crash ferratin/iron stores… Hop back on cycle, take iron and skyrocket you’re HCT way back up there.

At this point, bad lipids, stage 3 hypertension, being on a gram of gear for a while, having a familial history of heart attacks/heart disease, coronavirus etc you’re best taking time off

The lifespan of a red blood cell is about 100 days

Well… Have you previously had a BP of 170/110?

That bp was like 2 weeks ago at one point, it was usually 150/100

this week its been down to 130/90

but still experience the vision issue

Weird man, wonder if it was the Deca.

I’ve done way crazier shit in the past cycle wise, and longer as well.

This wasn’t even that extreme, but still experienced all these things.

I mean some dudes on here run a gram of test with 800 deca plus oral.

I guess not everyone is built the same lol

Diastolic of 90 is still in hypertensive ranges.

Hypertensive retinopathy is a real condition, though I doubt you’d develop such a condition following am acute bout of HBP unless you acutely crossed the 180/120 barrier

Very well might have been, I personally find deca to be far milder than test, mast etc (granted what’s going on internally may be a different story)

And I’d be a pimply, sweaty mess on 600mg weekly. Drug responsiveness will differ by age and from person to person.

If I recall correctly within one trial (25-600mg test weekly for 20 weeks) older men in the trial were far more likely to develop secondary polycythemia. It could be due to deca, or it could be due to the fact that you’re getting older, you’re body isn’t as resilient as it once was.