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How is my 5 Month Progress?


Hi guys i usually lurk these forums, but I need some help right now and not sure what to do.
A little bit about my self

Age 18
Been working out for about a year
weigh 184

Im following layne nortons hypertrophy/power routine right now, and have bulked up in the last 5 months from 172 to 185 eating clean, any tips or advice would be great.

edit: i was also thinking of adding in about 20 mins of cardio after my workouts to drop some bf, good or bad idea?


how would i add more pics?


From those pics, although they are not great, I can see that you have made progress. Post what you are eating on a daily basis.


Continue doing what you are doing, as it is working, consistently for the next few years.


I'm impressed! Those images "straight up" depict completely different people. Your confidence must have skyrocketed... I only wish my results on a yearly basis were that dramatic. One question, though: Your thread title is about your 5 month progress but you say that you've been working out for about a year. Is the first picture taken at the 7 month mark of your weightlifting career (lol, hopefully it remains a "career")? Either way I feel the need to re-highlight: Nice job!


Looks like you are making good progress


Seriously? He could see consistent gains over a period of years? That'd blow my mind, b/c that'd imply that I ought to stick to something for that long of a period of time... and that'd be good for me considering that every time I change routines I usually have a big lapse in time where I do much less working out b/c I'm not even sure what my routine is going to be... Holy shit was that a run-on sentence and I'm sorry if I'm hijacking...


Yes, he certainly could see consistent gains over years if he keeps eating dense, whole foods, and training hard and smart. Clearly he has been doing that, and he should continue. As a beginner, it is that simple. Find a training routine that has been proven by many many others, and eat a ton of good food CONSISTENTLY. Being consistent is absolutely key.


allright awesome yeahh the first picture was about 7 months into working out, and im getting in about 150 grams of protein, i have this mental barrier in my head thats afraid of gaining to much weight or ill get fat,

any idea of my bf? and what you guys think about cardio after work out?


my diets not very strict i usually eat pretty clean tho and a lot of it, usually lots of rice, beef and chicken throughout day


Yes, as ebomb said.

God please stick with something for awhile. You need to find a program that FITS YOUR GOALS and stick with that shit over a long period of time. Bouncing from program to program is a sure way to get fucking nowhere unless you are some genetic freak, lol.

That being said, it's better to hop programs every 12 weeks than hop goals every 12 weeks. But both are recipes to get nowhere.

Dude look. You have figured out on your own that you are fucking up, as proved by this sentence. If you can't see that, you aren't going to make it very far. You need to learn your body, and learn what it is saying to you in order to succeed.

A lot of people would be better following some instincts rather than blindly following a book. Don't be afraid to listen to your gut feelings now and again. And if you are unsure, fuck it, try it anyway. You can come here and ask too, but there is nothing wrong with trial and error.


any idea of my bf^?


It is irrelevant.

You aren't fat, nor are you lean.

Focus on your goals and forget what your BF is. It is a stupid number anyway.

If you are gaining, don't get fat. If you want to get lean, get lean. Don't obsess over a dumb number that can't be accurately measured for the most part.


allright kay thanks, i try not focusing on numbers but its hard not too


Focus on your 3, 6, 9 & 12 rep max numbers, and focus on grams of protein a day...

Other than that, you might think too much and fuck up a good thing, lol.


just some advice for progress pics..

try to take pictures in the same spot and same lighting...it's too difficult to compare photos when you take them in different places...


OP, don't worry about your BF. In all honesty, that is absolutely the least important thing for you to think/worry about at this point. Focus on getting your big compound lifts up (bench press, squat, deadlift, presses, etc.), focus on taking in a ton of good calories/day, and make sure that the scale is going up as your lifts are going up. Don't complicate it, just get bigger and stronger and you'll end up right where you want to.


allright nex pics ill take ill take them in same position and lighting i cant pose properly due to my webcam, and yeah im pretty happy i hit 225 bench yesterday for the first time ever


It took you 5 months to learn how to change the camera angle and take pictures in better lighting?


the lighting in the first picture actually helped my body believe it or not
the recent pics are allright butthe lighting makes my body look worse, i look better in person