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How is my 3 Plates Squat??(140kg)


let me know.

am i low enough?

critique my form n etc.

thank you very much! :slightly_smiling:


Form looked ok. Ur depth was lacking if u were attempting to hit parralell though :slight_smile:


thanks mate. any tips on improving depth? or like any accessory exercise to be worked on?


Mobility work and foam rolling. Best one for me is to reach down and tuck your fingers under your toes and squat down until your ass touches your calves. Then Put your hands over your head and squat back up. Not sure what this is called but it helps me so I thought might as well mention it.


Learning how to squat would help. Look up the "so you think you can squat" videos on elite


Depth is lacking. Squat to stand drills and goblet squats are very good for that. These two fixed mine. Could just be that your depth is lacking simply because you are not going deep though.
Are you training for a sport or a particular task or is it just bodybuilding?


form was bad, you aint going to get any stronger without fucking up your knees and back


^ This x2


It was hard to tell based on the angle, but your feet look a little too close together. Play around with foot positioning, maybe try going a little wider. Also pay attention to how your knees are moving and where the weight is on your feet. I find keeping the weight on my heels while pushing on the outside edge of my feet helps alot with depth and control.


x2 your feet are too close together in my opinion

also your sitting down not sitting back your back is gonna get messed up it didnt look to tight at the bottom man


Work on depth by squatting only with weights that you can achieve full depth with. Start with 1 plate and watch yourself in a mirror each rep, think of a 10 rep set as just 10 singles without re-racking each time.


You are no way close to hitting depth. Get your upper back tight by pushing your elbows forward hard, and sit back pushing your knees part with your weight on your heels. If you can squat down to the floor without weight then you can hit depth easily. Try lower the weight to 185 or so and focus on all these cues.


X3 go watch Elitefts you tube series call so you think you can squat.. It will be an ee opening experience. You squat with your hips, glutes, quads and keep your low back set in an ass out arched position at all times.. Upper back tight, squeezing your traps chest expanded, looking slightly up.. The motion is sitting back and up not down and up. You watch the videos. You will learn on your own


i don't agree with those giving the advice to sit back. as a raw lifter i've never understood "sitting back" sit back into what?? if i have gear on i could see it but not without. I squat straight down and straight up like a piston. squatting down allows me to us more of my quads as well as the hips and glutes.

what this guy desperately needs to do is open up the groin and SPREAD THE FLOOR. take a wider stance, turn those feet out some and force the knees out throughout the lift. I'm sure you will have no problem hitting depth then.


^ listen to every word.
The part about forcing your knees out really helped me a lot. Squat went from 315, bad depth, to 500 at regulation depth. I also noticed what helped me was working on ankle flexibility, and working on abdominal strength. Stability helps a lot.

X4 on the EliteFTS videos, extremely helpful. Take notes and write down a step-by-step guide. Practice with light weights first to get form down.


Marauder have you even watched the elitefts lifting series? They are using guys without even wearing belts let alone geared lifts.. The bar never moves back. But in order to keep the bar above the heels at all times and to engage the glutes and hamstrings the hips have to come back and behind you.. You may be doing this without even knowing it.. Just watch the video.. Also your explanation of spreading the floor is for the sole purpose of engaging the glutes and hamstrings and much better mechanically achieved when you sit back into the squat. Take whatever advice you want but as for me I will take the advice of guys with squats above 1000lbs who can non equipped still squat a shit ton of weight with the same form..


yep.... watched them, doesn't make them law. i'm not here to argue. like i always say, it's just my humble opinion.

i drop straight down into my squat and squat over 700 raw. not saying that to brag...it's just the truth.


Defranco's Agile 8 is also great for lower body mobility. Perform that warmup before ever leg session.

I also agree with marauder on squatting straight down, not back.


Might as well set a box under your butt. You need to go lower, like a lot lower.


Squatting on a box is a different movement than squatting without one. Lots of coaches don't like it for teaching depth. Squatting on a box=squatting back, squatting without one=squatting down.

If flexibility is the issue elevate your heels and then reduce the elevation over time as you continue to reach correct depth. Obviously perform mobility drills/warm ups as well.