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How Is Height Affected by Working Out?

how is height affected by working out. i definitely want to get taller but im sure height doesnt really have that much to do with your workout? im around 5’8-9 but i want to get to around 5’10-11. i heard lifting in general will make you stop growing earlier. but thats only what i “heard”.
is there anything i can do to actually grow?

You don’t choose how tall you are in the end lol. That was predetermined by your genetics when you were born. Though it is true that there are things in this world that will stunt your growth. If working out has proved anything to me, it only amplifies any potential growth you could have. I may be mistaken but i don’t think it’d stop you from getting taller.

Yeah, it’s a myth.

Keep lifting.

By the time you are 18-21, you will reach your max height.

Lifting won’t stunt it. Keep training.