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How is Bodybuilding Judged?



I have be interested in bodybuilding for the past few years. However it dawned on me that the only aspect of bodybuilding I've ever shown REAL interest in, is the training! So I have been checking out some competition videos online and even went to see a one in person. Apart from one or 2 that you could tell were not as cut as the others, I really couldn't tell who should or would win the show. They had 2 guys doing a pose off and they looked identical to me.

I youtubed some posing vid's and I found a few titled "best poser in history" and it was Kai Greene bumping and grinding all over the stage or some other guy doing the robot! To make matters worse my gf came into my room while i was watching Kai Greene all oiled up, wearing a tiny bikini, gyrating to a Michael Jackson song.... She had a few questions to ask me later. lol

Anyways, I am not trying to bash the competition aspect of bodybuilding, I'm just very curious what criteria is used to determine what makes one bodybuilder better than the other and what's the deal with doing the robot???


The one with greatest potential to "sell" the products they're contracted to endorse... wins.


Actually, that may have been true of at least 2 Olympias in the 80s.


The judges will look at symmetry (equal development in all body parts), conditioning (striated ham strings) and size. A combination of these will usually win. Judges are now looking for those with a tighter waist line (the mass monster is supposedly gone since Dexter won Mr. O). Some BB's are much better posers than others and can hide their weaknesses quite effectively.


If you can't tell the difference in development between two different bodybuilders, that is because you have not seen that many...and that is the only reason. If you are worried about what your girlfriend thinks just because she saw you looking at a male bodybuilder, then I am thinking you are still the one with the issues. Why the hell is your girl so shocked you are into bodybuilding if you are truly serious about it?

Bodybuilding is judged subjectively, mostly allowing size and conditioning to win...and yes, the training is the most important aspect because that is what builds that muscle in the first place.


Sorry... I must have not explained myself properly. I am not worried about what my girlfriend thinks and i don't have issues. It was funny because she doesn't know the first thing about bodybuilding, so all she saw was me watching a large man performing a homoerotic dance. Whatever, I found the situation funny :wink:

*1:06 - - i'm almost positive that's a stripper move!


mainly it is size, symmetry, conditioning and overall balance that is judged. posing is important in terms of presenting the physique


how striated and plump your glutes look/ feel when you strut your pink thong on stage.

the type(s) of "relationships" you have with the judge(s)...ahem ahem ghey secks.


What happened to this type of routine?


Uh, nothing at all. Most of the guys on stage pose like that. You would think someone criticizing bodybuilding posing would take the time to watch some instead of simply picking out one or two guys who dance on stage as their routine.


who won the best poser award at the Arnold? Kai Greene.

It just freaks me out that the guys coming out like Terminator, Robocop or Michael Jackson are the ones being praised for their posing routines. Back in the day guys like Zane were known for their routines and they actually posed!


Yeah, but who really cares about the best poser award? It's just a marketing scheme to make bodybuilding slightly more mainstream. "Hey, check out Kai Greene and how athletic he is even with all of this muscle." The award was invented strictly for Kai Greene and some of the other entertaining posers to get some sort of recognition. At the end of the day it isn't really affecting who is winning these contests, so like I said, who cares?


Gee, a shit load has happened in the world since Zane was on stage in the fucking 70's. People are BORED with the same types of routines. Most of the people on stage do not dance or anything else. They pose very traditionally...which is why people are praising those who bring more to the stage recently.

It makes no sense to jump into this ignoring the decades of history SINCE Zane and act as if none of the last 30-40 years matter just because you like Zane and he is the only guy you really know about.


well you see....

eh well I'm not really gonna waste my breath.

OP you sound very new to bodybuilding and I'd suggest watching the pre-judging to a show. I have reason to believe you've just seen the finals or evening show. There isn't much judging of the posing routine...most of the judging to decide who wins a show is done during 'pre-judging' and this is when the competitors are standing next to each other and being compared.

just hang around a little more and it will eventually make sense. Subscribing to a mag like Muscular Development might help too...


Kai Green did win the Arnold soo...


Not because of his posing. There are just as many people who hate posing like that as there are those who like it.

I personally could do without someone flipping upside down and shaking their ass at the camera, but I sure as hell won't hate the guy for making a name for himself. He's an exotic dancer. Toney Freeman used to be one as well.


"I personally could do without someone flipping upside down and shaking their ass at the camera, but I sure as hell won't hate the guy for making a name for himself. He's an exotic dancer. Toney Freeman used to be one as well."

I guess that's all I'm trying to say! lol


They judge on penis size.


This was a REALLY funny thread.

Aha !

I'm also looking to the posing side, Kai Greene is a bit over the top compared to the others.

Saw one bit when he was on his head and his legs together, some feat of flexibility for his size though.

(some day sigh)