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How is Alcohol Metabolized?


We all know that drinking too much can be one of the worse things you do to your physique: It deminishes testosterone production, makes you feel like shit the next day.... and of course, every gram of alcohol has 7 cals, wich is a lot, especially considering the amount of alcohol one is capable of drinking.

But I was wondering: How does the body handle alcohol? Does it just convert it into fat that is later stored in adipose tissue? Can it be used as a source of energy? Also, why is it that the body stops using fat as energy when alcohol is present?




by the liver




Fat gets metabolized by beta oxidation which then leads to the kreb cycle. When alcohol is present, this cycle is working overtime to metabolize it and fat gets put on hold.



Ever met a drunk with terrible halitosis? This is from the excess metabolites since they consume so much.. one of those metabolites is formaldehyde (embalming fluid). They are basically a walking corpse! In all things... Moderation.


One really really important note: Your body can not synthesize protein if there is alcohol in your system.

Meaning: if you follow a hard workout with some hard drinking, your muscles' protein turnover will be SEVERELY hindered, hurting your gains.


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