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How Intolerant We've Become


Was at the gym this morning, half way through my deads when a gym supervisor interupted me to tell me, 'Sorry you're not allow to use that powder here.'
'Huh?..... you mean this chalk?'

'Yeh, that stuff.'

'Chalk!' I repeated.

'Yeh that's right.'

'Why not?' I asked as I was always careful to keep it in my bag, rub my hands and dust off within my container.

'It's an allergy risk', he replied.

Gobsmacked I replied 'Wow, I better leave my peanut butter and gluten loaded bread in my bag.'

He looked in horror at me for a few seconds before he realised I was joking.

Freaks me out how so many kids, teens and even adults have allergies to all things that were previously normal once upon a time. Something has got to be laden in medicines, water, foods and even the vaccinations to be causing this mass hysteria around allergies so much that you can't lift a bar without worrying about the asthma of another trainee 30 meters across the gym.

Looks like I'll be limited to straps at that gym.

What's next.... illegal to sweat at a gym?


Sneak it in, like everyone else here does. You're not the first that's been told to not bring chalk, and you won't be the last. It's not so much the allergy issue as it is that most people don't clean it up. They just said allergies as it sounds better than "we're lazy and don't want to deal with any of it that remains".


Not so much that people are really allergic, they're just all pussies. We complain about everything, and want to child proof shit. By the way, magnesium carbonate isn't an allergenic agent. If you breath it in directly it can irritate the nasal follicles, but you need to STICK YOUR FACE IN THE BAG.. Fuck this world.


everybody gets vaccinated for everything nowadays, kids are told not to play in the dirt, and people wash their hands every 3 minutes. All this leads to the lack of a "practiced" immune system. Nobody exposes themselves to anything anymore, so they have no immunities, thus the prevailing weakness of our current world. I ate bugs, played in the dirt, never washed my hands, and hardly ever get sick.



Try finding some "liquid grip"


Our gym has been turned into a 'fitness suite' powdered chalk not allowed, so I use block chalk! Not been challenged yet.


I have never even seen powdered chalk, seems like a real hassle compared to the block.


Liquid chalk. It's more expensive but they don't moan.


This makes me oh so happy to have a home gym


you could use a rosin bag. not allowed in meets but its less noticable


Rosin is SUPER sticky. Feels weird.

In my gym, one of the guys who works there is allergic to chalk. Strangely, he's not allergic to gym chalk -- it's a different material entirely.


Chalk - Gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate)

Gym Chalk - Magnesium Carbonate

As far as I know, nobody is allergic to either, but chalkboard chalk is far more toxic to breath since they no longer make it from calcium carbonate (like Tums is made of).


Stories like this make me appreciate my gym even more. I can make a CLOUD of chalk and walk right through it, everyone else will just nod approvingly


Not disagreeing, but its also not white. Which makes it less noticeable. It also is better for grip strength than straps or gloves which are the other choices that noone wants to acknowledge.


Cheers for the replies fellas. I must have had a brain fart when he told me that, ofcourse it's magnesium. I'm taking it back there!


There is actually magnesium allergy. Its rare, kinda like a gold allergy. good luck though


I think that's the "go to" answer for not wanting to clean it up. If they were really concerned about allergies, then they shouldn't let people in that reek of perfume or Axe body spray.


Liquid chalk doesn't allow you to see where you're pressing the bar on your torso.


lmao..... it also doesn't leave your signature all over the gym that you're the resident badass :slight_smile:


get a bar some plates and a rack and train at your own gym