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How Important is Total Serum Estrogen to TRT

I asked for one last test before beginning my TRT again. I asked that they do an estrogen test. Here’s it is before starting TRT recently.

Total Serum Estrogens: 240.1pg/ml
Reference range: 60-190

Taken at 9:30am

As I’ve really slacked off working my chest, I’ve noticed man boobs. When I was working my chest it was always more muscular and full. I think nicely defined. I’m no body builder but solid. Any correlation between the higher estrogen and what I perceive to be some man boobs ?

Some people believe estrogen to be the devil and others welcome it. Im more concerned with Androgen levels. Estrogen can be indicative of an imbalance but if your T levels are low and your E levels are high, you will eventually transition into woman, or just die from poor health. Do you have complete labs? Thats more important. Also, if you have slacked on working out theres the actual reason for your chest to slowly become less masculine. So get back to working out. Easy fix

And Follicle Stimulating Hormone: 2
Ref range: 2-12

I posted about a week ago about going back on T.
Finally found a place in SF. And they send the script to the pharmacy where my insurance actually covers the Cypoinate. Unbelievable.

Dr says the reason for increased liver enzymes is due to the finasteride. She gave me some kind of imaging test and then a specialist and he said it’s the finasteride but said he’s not concerned with the enzyme levels as far as where they are now.

Its as if I were reading my own labs from 5 years ago. You need androgens. Start on T only and assess your levels 12 weeks later. Ou should notice a difference

Yeah just started Cypoinate 100mg once a week. And starting to lift more. Thanks for the comments.

Same answer as on your other thread (why are there two of these?): total estrogens doesn’t mean much. You need e2 measured. Also need TRT and what have you been doing/taking that has messed your liver up?

Mistakenly posted twice. Didn’t think the first post went thru. So I created a second post. And then finally the first post went thru. I flagged the first to the mod. My bad.

Dr sent me to a specialist for the liver enzymes as she couldn’t figure out why they’re elevated. Had imaging done and some other tests and specialist says finasteride is the reason. He also said he expects the enzymes to come down and is apparently not concerned.

Makes sense, just curious

I told a friend recently, who is also on TRT,that my total estrogen is this. And he said that means nothing. Is he right? Why is there a reference range then? Do other guys have a similar total estrogen like mine and if so, any issues? Any reason to lower it?

Cause I think total includes estrone, e1,e2 and e3. Its estradiol or e2 that is strong.

Test for estrogen (E2), not total estrogens.

No clue. In 3.5yrs I’ve never had total estrogen tested nor have most guys. It’s a meaningless number for our purposes.