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How Important is the Pump?


I know this sounds retarded, but how important is it? Is it pretty much a non factor, like DOMS, when trying to gauge the work you've done? I know to gain size, I must focus on increasing weights or reps and hitting my nutrition, so is the pump just a nice side effect of a hard session? Or would using a finisher that really pumps alot of blood into the worked muscle aid in recovery somehow?


Hmm...some argue that the pump helps with hypertrophy through stretching the fascia...


IMHO a pump, physiologically, isn't very important. You can easily get an incredible pump by doing 30 fast push ups. But this will do nothing in terms of hypertrophy nor will it make your pecs any stronger.

Psychologigally, however, a pump is great. Maybe you'll work harder and have a better workout when you feel a nice pump in your arms...

The thing about stretching the fascia. IMHO this is purely anecdotal. I haven't seen one study in 20 years that would affirm this.


If I get a good pump going my mind muscle connection goes through the roof, so i guess it can aid in growth


I saw really good gains this year when I started getting a great pump in my workouts. Of course that was the first time I've actually tried bulking so, I can't really attribute it to that. It does help psychologically though. I've heard/read that it can help with mass as it will expand capillaries which will give the muscle more volume.


Sorry for the double post, but I may have been completely off with above post- so don't flame me if I remembered wrong.


Well, once you start getting a pump in your calves from walking across the room, report back.


I'll always get a pump on during my workouts. If i haven't got a satisfactory one by the end of the workout i'll do a finisher just to pump it up. Why? Cause it's fun! Once upon a time training was supposed to be fun eh :))


I don't think it's necessary.... you can get a huge pump from light weights lots of reps which is probably going to get you nowhere.


There are some dudes in my gym who seem to only care about the pump, going super light, doing tons of reps every week. One of them comes over to you when you do a set and tries to get you to do 21's. Then when that tires you out, he seems to be all proud of himself, like he just showed you how to work out properly.

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Doesn't mean you have to chase it but if you haven't gotten one in a long time your probably haven't progressed all that much.


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I get a pump best using light weights and lots of reps - so not too useful in terms of gaining strength and size, but serves to pump a lot of blood into the work area.


I would suspect if you get a pump doing something that involves a lot of muscles (in particular the lower body) that you would also be facing a pretty good buildup of lactate in your system. There seems to be a connection between blood lactate levels and positive changes in the body.


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Just out of curiosity, is the pump caused just by your muscles being under prolonged tension?


Blood flow.

Edit: Maybe I read your question wrong. Prolonged tension (high rep set) would cause excess blood flow, which is the pump.


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