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How Important is the Deadlift?

How important is the deadlift into your routine?

I used to be able to deadleft 400 then i lost alot of weight and still tried to lift heavy and tweaked my lower back. So i havent deadlifted in about 2 years. I am just wondering if it is a necessary or can i do other exercises to equal the deadlift?

In my opinion the deadlift is not necessary in your routine but, no other exercise will give you as much total body and back thickness and strength. I love the deadlift but, unless you are looking to compete in powerlifting or strongman I don’t see why you couldn’t get away with doing something else.

it’s a great strength exercise. it will help you in most of your other lifts.

however, if you tweaked your back…you are going to wanna get back into that lift VERY slow.

do lots of single leg work, hip activation work and don’t start with conventional deads. start with some trap deads for speed and then maybe some light deads with the bar raised.

2yrs off should be ok; unless you didn’t take care of yourself.

I love deadlift but it really depends on your goals. Is your goal purely hypertrophy or are you training for some sport as well?

I wouldn’t ignore the problem with your back though since anything that would sufficiently replace deadlift would probably tweak your back as well. Get checked up by a physio if you haven’t already and see if you get it fixed.

Does it hurt even if you do light deadlifts like with less than 100lbs? It might have been a case of going too heavy too fast.

It’s very, very very important. And I HATE the lift with a passion.

Depends on the person and their goal(s).

Truth hits it right on the head.

For me its just a damn fun lift.

If you tweaked your back on the lift, I’d lean on the side that you probably didn’t have the best form and that caused the problem. Form on this exercise and many others is so important.

I tweaked my back doing heavy bent-over dumbbell rows and like you, stopped doing the exercise for years. I came back to it, but use a lighter weight, watch my tempo (my main focus when doing the exercise) and ensure I control the weight through the entire movement.

Due to the above, I stopped doing deadlifts as well (and I was damn good at them back in the day). I’ve recently (very recently) come back to the lift and was shocked at the results that I’ve had in such a short time.

I’d say this exercise is one of the bread and butter ones that anyone should be doing, along with many others (like the squat).

IMHO, anyone can throw heavy weights around, but only a few take the time to ensure their form is correct, they control the weight, and watch their tempo. Try a lighter weight, be ultra-strict with your form, watch your tempo, and control it the whole way through.

I’d also suggest starting with the bent-leg version, rather than the stiff leg version.

Damn important! Do your deadlifts son.


[quote]Jmar21 wrote:
How important is the deadlift into your routine?[/quote]

In my routine, it’s key. :wink:

In your routine, if you’re training for strength, they’re essential; if you’re training for size, they’re still important, but deadlift variations can be more useful in some cases.

::Captain Obvious to the rescue:: In these past two years, have you either tried deadlifting not as heavy or addressing your underlying back issues?

I love it.

I tweaked my back Tuesday, had a headache and my form was off. I’ve been rehabbing as much as possible so that I can get back to it asap.

Along with the Squat I’ve heard people throw these in their bodybuilding programs not only because they’re “total mass” exercises, but because of the production of growth hormones your body produces to compensate to benefit you as a whole. Is there any truth in this?

Can you grow without it ?


Will you grow as large or as easily ?


The deadlift is “easy” to progress on, simply because its a whole body lift, and its a pulling motion as opposed to pressing.

You dont need an experienced spotter to deadlift heavy.