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How Important is Testosterone for Libido?

Yeah it is. Our resident endo has stated as much as well, especially regarding not all ED being tied to testosterone/estradiol.

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Yes. It makes you want to urge every 20 or so year old in perfect health to get detailed labs done, so he later has a baseline to compare to when/if things are going downhill.


I will be doing this with all my kids when they turn 18.

A great idea. I wish I had done it.

I had issues younger with Ed. It was life style. De sensitized myself. I was so focused on the problem it jsut got worse and worse. Doc gave me andro gel and that didn’t help anything. I had high t levels … also estrogen probably. Lol

How did you fix it? By lifestyle changes?

I can say beyond all doubt when my friend gave me a shot of a rip blend as a “boost” to help me heal from a shoulder problem last October it was like a switch got thrown back on for me. I went from almost no libido to feeling like Ron Jeremy. There were times not even 10 years ago (I’m 52) when even if I was not in the mood just my wife’s nudity would compel me to have sex with her. I couldn’t not do it. When my T levels started to dip below 350 I started losing desire and before TRT I had almost zero libido and sexual response. It was like I was castrated. It was awful.

Yes entire solution was life style. Stopped porn. Less bad foods. Took some herb that helped allot. I think it was GABA. Some Chinese doc has a site about this.

It took me years of research. Nothing worked. Then one night I ran across his site. If talked about neiroplasticity and the solution.

At the time My erection was like 50% . I was 20 something .after taking his suggestions . Basic suggestions like “stop thinking about sex and how it’s not working right. Don’t watch any form of sex or sexy woman for 60 days”… so I tried it and it worked. After a month I was working again and was amazed how simple the solution was.

They are right with it being in the head.