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How Important is Testosterone for Libido?

I was wondering what affects the libido in women. If it is simply testosterone, you would think that women have basically no sexual desire at all since women’s testosterone is multiple times lower than most guys’ that consider themselves low T.
Also, reading through this board it seems like many men, even though their TT and free T levels are very high, they still suffer from low libido.
This makes me wonder how important T really is when it comes to libido and what other factors are playing a role, maybe an even bigger role.

What are your thoughts?

Libido is as much psychological as physiological.

Depression, general mental stress/distraction, and/or emotions can reduce libido in men and women. It’s definitely not always a hormone-related issue.

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“Given that elevated estradiol levels within physiological range increase women’s sexual desire without concurrent androgen therapy, the use of supraphysiological testosterone to treat low sexual desire in women may be inappropriate. Future studies should focus on establishing the threshold level of estradiol required to reliably produce a meaningful increase in sexual desire in post-menopausal women, and examining the comparative effectiveness of different estradiol treatment regimens (e.g. chronic, cyclical, as-needed).”

Hence why my wife wants the salami when she is ovulating…

I have heard testosterone cream does increase libido in women, but if suffering from depression or lack of sleep, testosterone will do little good for libido. If hard dieting and eating badly, that will throw off libido as well.

My gf is a lunatic when ovulating. Super wet and needs it a lot. LOVE it.

Just wish I could get into it more.

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Yeah baby. Dripping…:sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

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Guys you can’t discuss my favorite topic without me getting involved. Lol

You can tell my libido is solid.

Edit. TMI. My bad

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What’s funny is that she embarrassed about how wet she gets. Guys seems to love that! At least I do.

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The only this that bothers me a bit. Is that sometimes it’s so wet there’s like no friction for me. So if I need more sensation it takes me longer to finish. Good part is she likes it banged hard to feel the salami since so wet

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Or lack of iron. Thats a killer.

Other that hrt. What do we do about estrogen when they menopause?

I think that is pretty much it.

Sometimes I am wondering whether we are self observing too much, meaning that we are de-thinking everything. I think this can affect things like libido and erections as well in a very negative way.

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So when we say labido we’re not talking about srevtion strength or sensitive correct? We are talking about the attraction and desire to have sex?

I think they give estrogen. I saw a docs sure where they gave a pill that had estrogen in it for woman around menopause.

Yes, but in my eyes there can be a connection. Oftentimes ED is tied to and caused by low libido issues.

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So in women libido is controlled by estrogen? This is confusing to me if this is the case.

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yes in all women.

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It just seems the equation is much much more complex than “more T = more sex drive/erections”. It’s probably more like a math science multi variable kinda thing. Haha…

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