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How Important Is Tempo?

Hi. I’ve been lifting for a while, but I never paid attention to tempo. I try to take longer on the eccentric part and I usually alternate exercises so however long it takes me to do the other set is how long I rest between sets. Is it bad to rest more than 60 seconds between sets? Is it bad to keep going? I am usually breathing pretty hard for most of my workout because I am contantly alternating. (for example one set chest, one set triceps, etc.)

Well tempo. Oh boy. It can have a place but not much of one most of the time. It is simply better to focus on moving the weight with proper form and under control. with an explosive positive and controlled negative. Read Chads article on tempo etc.

As for rest. No answer to that. depends on goals anywhere from 30 sec or less to 5 mins between sets can be effective for different goal be it strength, endurance, size etc.

how important is tempo???

it’s about as important as wearing an orange t-shirt as opposed to an orange t-shirt with blue strips…