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How important is it to separate carbs and fats?

JB obviously favors separating carbs and fats into separate meals for reasons of hormonal regulation. In practice, though, I find that meals containing a mixture of P, C, and F are more satiating than P+F or P+C meals. How many of you keep your F and C separate, and do you notice much of an effect on performance or body comp?

There is overwhelming anecdotal evidence that JB’s theories work in “the real world”, check out Kurtdogg’s picture/post in the Picture Forum for an example. Some people tend to respond to this combination scheme incredibly well, others see more subtle benefits.

I, personally, know that I feel a lot better when I don’t combined Carbs + Fat in any high amounts. If I do, I tend to feel really bloated/sick. Just an observation.

It is very important if your carb and fat choices are crappy, but if your mixing up a big mixed green salad with extra veggies and pouring a load of olive oil and vinegar over it, I don’t see a problem.

Fibrous veggies can definitely be mixed into PF meals, but I’d leave any of the higher GI carbs for PC combos post workout or early morning.

Don: Although perhaps more satiating, if you understand the physiology behind energy substrate utilization and hormonal regulation, you will quickly realize that eating significant amounts of fats and carbs in the same sitting (i.e. having high blood levels of carbs and fats) can have a detrimental effect on a physique athlete.

For example, the hormonal response to glucose in the blood is insulin. Insulin, in turn, causes the body to shift into a sugar-burning mode, where glucose is the predominant fuel used. Insulin has a dramatic impact on fat oxidation and utilization–or the lack thereof. For example, the enzymes that stimulate lipolysis are inhibited while those that stimulate lipogenesis are stimulated, by insulin. Therefore, with a response of insulin, the body shifts into a glucose-burning, fat-storing mode. The body is very efficient at storing fat in this hormonal environment.

DonM, I’m with Ike on this one. There’s annecdotal and scientific evidence, both, that P+F and P+C is effective at positively influencing body composition. JB put me back on the road to fat-loss success. I think the man walks on water.

I did not notice any benefits from separating C-F in the 4 months I followed JB’s guidelines.

The lack of results could be attributed to the fact that I was eating very clean to begin with. [only foods listed in the ‘look good naked article’ with P+C+F]. Then again, I’m a big believer of the 80/20 rule.

Either way, despite all the testimonials and experts’ opinions you’ll receive, the best and only valid way of knowing if something works for you is to try it for yourself. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

You will die instantly if you mix carbs and fats.

This would mean no more peanut butter sandwiches…or bread with olive oil. ;_;

i Love this meal combining, I think it works great. However i usually consume a good amount of greens with P+F.