How Important is HCG?

I have been on trt for a little over 2 years. I started using HCG about a year ago because my testies had basically disappeared. As long as I use HCG my testies stay full. I have 4 children and have since had a vasectomy so I have no need for fertility. Is taking HCG solely for cosmetic reasons an unnecessary risk. I dose 250ius e3.5d.

from my understanding, hcg is only used to keep fertily and testis. it is also used as a monotherapy for people with secundary hipo. if you want it just for testis i wouldn’t because of e2 spikes and adding quimicals to your body + its not cheap. this is the only thing i know. i heard people get other benefits from it tho, but like everything, there are pros and cons

I agree.

I haven’t noticed that it causes any e2 problems. My estrogen reads the same now as before I added the HCG and I only give $25 for 5000iu so it’s pretty cheap.

HCG may help preserve fertility, but it’s also effective at preserving testicle size, appearance, and function. In fact, many men use HCG exclusively to avoid complete testicular atrophy. Also, HCG is not a chemical, it’s a hormone produced by the pituitary which is represented as LH in the TRT world. It’s simply an exogenous form of the hormone similar to the test most of us take. It is true that too much HCG could lead to the over production of LH resulting in an over production of E2, but most likely not at TRT suggested levels.

Your understanding of hcg is incomplete not entirely accurate.

I’ve read where other guys say HCG improves over all feeling of well being. Also the testicles do more than produce testosterone so HCG keeps them working by mimicking LH. This helps with DHEA and progesterone; but those could be taken via supplements. I’ve seen no long term studies on HCG use in men. I just wanted some insightful opinions. Keep em comin.


I was monoTRT for 7months. I got sharp pains in my testis it wasn’t just them pulling up into my body like a 12 year old. I started on on 800iu a week and 7-10 days later all that was gone.
I got a batch of weak HCG and it took no time to notice something was wrong. I upped my dose to 900 with no effect. I changed sources and everything went back to normal.
Currently reducing my dose to find the smallest dose to maintain swinging balls. @ 600/wk right now so far so good.

If he means me, then he’s right

Good points.