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How Important Is Creatine?


Just wondering who uses creatine as one of there supplements. just wondering what age you should be to take it? Or is it just not worth it.


Creatine monohydrate is probably the most effective sports supplement out there. It's definitely worth the money.

The only question is what do you expect it to do for you?

Too many people don't have a clue as to what the supplements they take actually do for them.


IF you are a responder, and I think like 75-80% of the people are, I see no health reason to not take it.

I personally do not take it. Some people swear by it, I just didn't get much out of it except a little weight/water/puffiness gain.


Eat enough meat and you won't have to blow your money on creatine powder.


Last I checked a steak was WAY more exepnesive than an entire thing of creatine. Minus the protein and quality fats but whatever floats your boat.


I didn't get anything from it...I don't personally know anyone that gets anything from it (other than an upset stomach)...

some people swear by the stuff though...

the only way you'll know if you like it is to try it...

it's safe to take unless you're one of the people that just shits the stuff right out...then you should avoid it...


Creatine is cheap and has been proven to be effective, so I take it. I have never noticed any strength increase or mass gain, but, on the other hand, I have never noticed a strength increase or huge mass gain from fish oil or multivitamins.


Not really.Most people ,when gaining msucle and/or lifting weights, eat meat in their diet anyway.Why add creatine when you can just add in a few more chicken breasts?


I've read this up bro, to eat enough meat for the 5-10g creatine recommended your going to be taking in way too much saturated fat and cholesterol (and your diet def won't be balanced).



What he implied is that you are paying for and eating meat anyway. Granted the extra can be beneficiary--whatever floats...


get a good quality creatine, don't bother w/ that loading bullshit they tell you. I mix mine in w/ my Surge post-workout, just 1 scoop.


I think that there are at least several articles on here that address creating. Some say that it is the awesome supplement that people claim it to be. Another states that it really is only most beneficial to top-notch athletes. So... read up and make you own call on it.

Me personally, I didn't see much in the way benefits for myself when taking it, but then again, I can gain strength without supplements as long as I eat clean and eat well.


Many it's effective for, some does nothing.
Does anyone need it? No, eat right, sleep enough, train smart/hard and you can make great progress.

It can boost anaerobic performance, just don't take it thinking it will help you be a better cyclist or X country guy.


It made me 'puffier' and it felt weird. In any case it won't make or brake you but there definitely is a result. Just eat your meat and get over it if you ask me.


I had great results with creatine ethyl ester, I found the strength gains a bit better, and it was all dry gains...no water retention.


Too much saturated fat?We actually need that stuff in our diet.Also,for someone who is gainign muscle(bulking up) I don't think that would hurt them one bit. By the way,one chicken breast has 1 gram of fat.I don't think that is "too much saturated fat".Even if I ate 10,that would be 10 grams of saturated fat,still,not that much.


If your going to eat meat for creatine eat beef, tuna, cod, salmon, herring, and pork, not chicken.


"Although creatine is a natural component of food, the amount of food required to supersaturate the muscle with PCr may not be feasible. For example, it could require 22 pounds of meat daily [8]."
[8]-Modica P. Creatine supplements show some sports benefit. Medical Tribune News Service. July 10, 1997.

"As much as we love complicated scientific theories behind our practices, the post-workout creatine logic is quite simple: workouts deplete creatine, so post-workout we fill it back up. We can also take advantage of our post-workout insulin spike to drive the creatine into our muscles."
-David Barr

So you plan on eating that 22lbs right after workout as well EH?


There've been plenty of times I could go for a nice twenty-two pound slab of steak after a work-out.

Or, you know, just because.


There is so much information out there now on Creatine and its effects, it should be easy for you to read about. I think if you are in your late teens or twenties, then you probably dont need Creatine for your workouts, but as you get older, the Creatine does offer some good benefits such as, slight amount of fat burning, helps to power you through workouts, if you train hard enough that is, and it has a slight caffiene effect so it helps keep your motor running alittle extra longer than normal. I also think that if you are in your thirties, or older, then the Creatine products with Nitric Oxide are of benefit due the the Nitric Oxides ability to open blood vessels for better blood circulation to and from the heart, and also Creatine has been proven in studies to reverse Congenital heart disease, with regular usage. So if youre young, its up to you, but if you`re older, then I would highly recomend it.



creatine is found in RED meat, not chicken.