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How Important is AMRAP Set for Progress?

How important are the amraps on the final set of each day in terms of progress? I get less reps the next week on a higher weight and that means my estimated 1rm goesdown. For example 200lbs for 10reps then 205lbs I only got 8. How important is this.


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The “number” isn’t important but pushing a little over the required reps is. As long as you can get an easy rep or two above the required reps you are fine. If those reps become a struggle or if you can’t it the required reps, its time to adjust. IMO 7+ reps on a 5’s workout is a good workout.

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It can be immensely valuable - but it depends greatly on your 5/3/1 training program and your personal experience.

That is why we PERIODIZE (aka PLAN) training - to find out which things work for certain lifts.

Some lifts/people thrive on PR sets - I do, most of my athletes do and countless others. Some people thrive on 5’s PRO and higher volume of supplemental work.

Whatever you choose to do, the goal is to push the weights being used. At the end of the day, you gotta put more weight on the bar. Obviously, you have to do the lifts correctly and all that jazz but if you wanna get stronger, you are going to have to set PR’s at some point. You can’t get around being a wimp.