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How Important Are Squats?

I don’t have a way to do squats at home and wasn’t sure if they’re so important that I need to join a gym or if deadlifts will be good enough.

Deadlifts and Squats are my two favorite exercises and they work the whole body, so i would recommend finding a way to do them.

You could do lunges or split squats.

You could just clean the weight from the floor and do front squats.

[quote]Olympiclfter wrote:
You could just clean the weight from the floor and do front squats. [/quote]

Fully Agree. Front squats rock and all you need is a bar and some plates.

Well, you haven’t stated what you’re trying to accomplish, so it’s impossible to tell you the importance of doing squats.

They are one of the more effective exercises for building muscle and strength, but they are in no way required. Sure, there are a lot of people who have jumped on the “squats are absolutely required” bandwagon, but this simply isn’t true. You may progress faster by incorporating them, but you can stil make progress without them.

Regardless, you don’t need a squat rack to perform squats. You can always clean the weight from the floor or perform any of the numerous variations that don’t require a rack. Don’t use the fact that you don’t have a rack, or any other piece of equipment, from keeping you from doing an effective exercise. There are almost always ways to improvise.

If you can stand and lower like you’re sitting in a chair or on the toilet then you can do squats at home :wink:

Why can’t you do squats at home? Because you don’t have a rack? No space?

If you are even asking if squats are important you are probably just starting out and not using giant weights … I assume.

There are ways to rig up squats in the home easy.

You could try rigging up saw horses as safety spotters.

Ironmind sells a squat harness that allows you to squat with the bar underneath you, suspended by chains, hanging off your hip.

They also have a book about the cable system of squats, where the weights are suspended from the bar.

This is all a lot of work though so maybe you would prefer doing something else instead.

I never even thought of cleaning it from the floor and doing a front squat! Thanks! :smiley:

Barbell hack squats? I’m not sure that they can necessarily replace squats altogether, but they work well for a lanky bastard such as myself.

Display adaptability.


Great link – I’ve forwarded it to several friends.


As it already has been mentioned, front squats, hack squats, besides that, overhead squats, Bulgarian squats.

You could do sprints.

Find some stadium and sprint to the top. Limp back down and repeat.

You could also use a hill but depending on where you live in Florida they are scarce.

You might try Overhead Squats w/ Barbell and/or Single leg Squats w/dumbells. Couple that up with some sled dragging and/or hill running and I think you should be good to go.

You might consider every once in a while paying for a day/week/month type thing just to do some regular squats and other exercises you can’t do at home for a period and go to back home again.

Just a thought.

I’d like to thank everyone for the suggestions… for 6 months now I’ve been doing clean + front squat. I’ve also used two trees, a couple 2x4s and a barbell for chinups/pullups. Do what you gotta do right?

On that topic, any substitute/ home remedies for dips?

you can do a good dip using a chair or the edge of a sofa, with your feet on another chair. You can start with your feet on the floor for less body travel, and work up to the two chairs, where you can lower yourself as far as your shoulders will allow. You can add weight by (gently!) seting a plate on your ab/waist area.

I havethe same issue with squats, and Im working on figuring out alternatives.

I think I found a solution… I rolled the dishwasher over to the freezer and did dips between the two. The dogs looked at me pretty funny, but it worked.

two words: overhead squats

snatch the weight up, then squat away. problem solved.

Do not forget zercher’s.