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How Important are Squat Briefs?


As a younger lifter (18) i was wondering how important squat briefs are to a greater squat number. Im a football player, will be a freshman in college next year, and will someday like to compete in powerlifting.

Im somewhat torn in this issue as I want to get stronger, but I dont want to throw off my form by using too much gear when I can still only squat 350.

Places such as elitefts say that they are a good idea simply to help keep the hips from being too sore, and I do admit to some hip soreness due to the wide stance I use, but are briefs too much to use due to my beginner status?


if you squat wide or do wide box squats with bands the suit bottoms are required. They do not need to be tight, but without them there is going to be a problem. learned it the hard way. Use your belt too!



Now I'm starting to get just a wee bit frustrated. This is at least the 3rd thread you have asked this question in. I'll give you the same answer. The frantz single ply poly will give you support and protect your hips. Go for it all ready. It's not a heavy duty material and shouldn't throw off your form at all.


Save your hips and buy an inexpensive pair of briefs. They do not have to be super restrictive just tight enough to support you.


I was going to ask the same question myself. Ignoring the numbers they'll help you put up, are squat briefs useful for preventing injury? I don't squat very wide, but I plan on starting to squat wider, and I don't want to knacker my hip joints. You'll be lifting more weight with briefs on, so might this counteract the support? Is it conclusive that they'll reduce risk of injury?

Also, as I know very little about powerlifting, I'm not sure of the major difference between squat briefs and a squat suit, other than that one has shoulder straps. Are they significantly different in the effects they give?



I'd reccomend squat briefs for de and me workouts. Louie Simmons is on record as saying he thinks if athletes work squat briefs during competition that there would be a lot less hamstring injuries.


I believe someone in the Westside camp has reported that some pro level football players are starting to wear single ply gear under their uniforms.

Nobody freak out about this, I can't remember who said it and may just be crazy.