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How Important Are Rest Days When Cycling?

I think this is the key to it.

Yes. I don’t know why though. In a mathematical sense it isn’t easily solved why this would be. One could argue that 300 lbs squats at 70% would be equal to 600 lbs at 70% for the respective individual but it seems this is not the case.

It could just be that the muscles provide a baseline of strength (say 60% of the strength would be explainable by that) and the CNS then really makes the difference which would mean that it really is CNS stimulation that drives peak performance improvement while the baseline increases slowly. CNS stimulation is easier arguable not the same with 600 pounds and 300 pounds at both 70% because the muscle fibers innervated and the sheer electrical power that the CNS has to generate is way bigger in one than the other.

I don’t know, I’ve never read really good speculation or knowledge about that though it’s an interesting topic.

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@lordgains Do you consider yourself a bodybuilder or powerlifter? The two look very different in my gym. Your avatar says, bodybuilder. But is that picture really you? Have you reached that level of physique and now want to go into power lifting?

My training looks more like that of a powerlifter but I’m trying to incorporate BB stuff. I like training heavy, so doing BB work is not as fulfilling to me.

No I’m not looking like that, that’s just a meme.

Lean I’m at 180-185 lbs (10% BF) and during bulk I’m between 205-225 lbs. So not really big. Strangers ask me what I do as a gym routine and one can see that I lift but I’m not big in a BB sense.

My priority is not lifting though, I’m working a lot and especially my work capacity/recovery suffers because of that, so it takes me longer to reach my lifting goals but I will reach them, it just takes some patience. I think in 2-3 years we’re looking at 205-lean. My end goal would be 225 lean as that is probably my genetic limit.

Curious about your split. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to work out each muscle group twice a week?

I am only allowed 1 hour on the Gym floor and I go 5 days a week. There is no time to double the work load.

can you give me a example of 1 day of your training routine ?

Lifting three days per week. Usually one of the big three, then 2 compounds (assistance), then 2 isolation (these vary depending on which muscle is lacking, here’s just an example). For instance Squat day:

Squats 3x5 at 85-87% of 1 RM

Snatch grip deadlifts 3x10-12 Reps
Bent over barbell Rows 3x10-12 Reps

Lateral raises 3x15 Reps
Dumbbell Curls 3x10-12 Reps

Other assistance exercises I do are the press and pull-ups and sometimes Romanian deadlifts. I row a lot because my back is lagging behind.


nice ! i like this kind of split so much

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This is close to the format I use. I like to pair two compounds. If I’m pressing, I like rows, if I’m squatting or deadlifting I like chins. I tried rowing on the deadlift and squat days, and it was just to much on the lower back to super set them. I’ll usually do two variations of the main lift, while supersetting with the back exercises.

It seems like a lot of back, but I also don’t have an upper back day. I like the frequency with back, and don’t think it is very easy to have a back that is too strong.

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Regarding back I share your opinion. More frequency works very well.

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Another cycling question during rest.
Any reason to take your oral AAS when resting Saturday and Sunday’s?
Anavar has a half-life of 8-10 hours.
Will it help build muscles during rest?

Yes, one of the main things steroids do is help optimize nutrient partitioning for muscle growth.


AAS mainly aid recovery and heighten protein synthesis. After a workout protein synthesis is heightened for 36 hours, so AAS help very much with muscle growth and recovery throughout the next day. With AAS this process is even prolonged, so it makes sense to take them every day, training day or not.


It has been a month since my last update and I am so ready for a deload week. I am 6 weeks into my 500mg blast with anavar at first and then whinny plus 2IU’s of GH. I feel exhausted 24/7. My sleep sucks but I still get my butt to the gym 5 days a week. Blood pressure is all over the place but I have drugs for that. Tomorrow I do bloods for the usual for a blast plus IGF-1 for the UGL GH.
I have never felt this tired before. I am killing it at the gym but my recovery is slow and I don’t know why. Is it the 500mg/w of TE? the 40mg/d of whinny or the 2IU’s of UGL GH? It is probably all the above. This is the biggest blast I have attempted. When I look in the mirror I see improvements everywhere my wife has noticed and asking me for fun days. But inside I am drained and exhausted like I never have been before.

Fatigue is a common symptom with GH. No so much with the other compounds. So my money is on GH.

Thanks galgenstrick I am beginning to wonder what is so special about GH if not combined with insulin? At my current energy level once my bloods are taken tomorrow I just might drop the GH until I see my IGF1 and confined it is doing anything good for me. Right now at my current exhaustion level, I am ready to abort this entire blast.

Yeah, it’s best to dial back if you can’t train. I felt like absolute shit 4 weeks into running 600 test + 600 EQ. I was only able to work out like once a week and with garbage intensity. I cut the EQ and felt a lot better a couple weeks later, then bumped my T up to 1000mg. Been feeling great since and the gains are much better as I can train hard 4x week again.

When are you taking the GH? Maybe you can switch to one dose before bed and see if that improves things? Or even drop it to 1iu before bed. It would be a shame for it to go the waste, but if it’s hurting your progress it’s not worth it. I pretty much have to Chuck 12 weeks worth of perfectly good EQ, it’s just part of learning which things you can tolerate.

Bloods at 8 AM tomorrow. I will hold my current blast until I get the results which should be around 7 days do to sensitive E2. If I don’t see anything crazy I will just take a week off from the gym and see if I can improve my sleep. When your sleep is fucked up your life is fucked up. Who knew?
I take my GH injection (2IUs) about 9pm and don’t crash until 11pm or so. I hope that doesn’t matter.

So I got my 6-week mini mid-blast bloods back tonight.
Recap: 500mg Tcyp/E, First two weeks 40mg anavar then my winny order came in so I swapped to 40mg winny/d, 400IU HCG on demand if my balls hurt, .25mg anastrozole 3 times a week. 2IU of UGL HGH two different sources both seem to be junk. If my IGF-1 is correct. My 1295 with DAC peptides performed far better.

So what comes to mind is drop the GH and double my AI. I don’t know if the winny even shows up in these tests.

I am not sure but I think the winny is messing with my anxiety. Anyone else have increased anxiety on winny?

Most days I really feel strong at the gyms. Some days I have to push myself to go because I am tired and fatigued from the anxiety with poor sleep but once there and warmed up I have really been able to kick ass. It feels good and my wife and daughter have made comments on my recent development. They don’t know I blast.

All comments and suggestions welcome.