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How Important are Expiration Dates on Gear?

I don’t know if this kind of question has been asked before, I got a Mass blend 300 test cyp200 and tren e 100 but shows 11/17 for the expiration date … today’s date 12/25/2018… ( The gear looks clear dark amber no signs of crystals ) Would you use it ???

It’ll be good for years to come

Ok the expiration dates were originally concieved because big pharma was supplying the government with stock piles of drugs. Once the government filled it’s stock pile low and behold big pharma decided that usually stable molecules were no longer stable, they mysteriously broke down, and had a limited shelf life. Mind you the stock piles were in under ground bunkers basically refrigerated and climate controlled. Once those stock piles were full then big pharma said they were going bad. Yes the second big pharma couldn’t sell anymore drugs to the government they said all the drugs they already sold were now going bad and needed to be replaced…I am sure some drugs do break down but the stock piles were of drugs needed during war like morphine and morphine doesn’t break down. They have hollow baby dolls from the American civil war (1865 was how many years ago?) that were used to smuggle morphine and the dolls still test positive for morphine residue and they were never properly kept in refrigeration or climate control. So morphine from 1865 doesn’t break down but morphine from the 20th century only lasts a few years???

Now with AAS especially injectable compounds there is a concern that the BA (benzyl alcohol) will lose its ability to kill bacteria after a period of time. Now this would mean if in your sealed bottle of hormone a bacteria somehow made it in then the BA would not be able to kill it. Bacteria like most living things need oxygen to live. So if you had an old bottle of hormone that you were using then left alone for a year or two then that could have live bacteria in it provided there was enough oxygen in it to sustain the bacteria. Your other concern would be viruses but if you think back to biology class a virus needs a host to survive long term.

So yes there is a small chance the BA is no longer super potent but that would only be an issue if you contaminated the bottle and gave it time to grow the bacteria. (Provided something in that bottle was food for the bacteria) Otherwise our bodies are pretty good at killing nominal amounts of bacteria on the dayly basis.

The last concern and you touched on this, some folks say that the BA is necessary to hold the hormone in a dissolved state in the oil. As in if you got all the BA out of the bottle then the crystals might reform. You said you didn’t see any crystals so. If you are worried about that just heat the bottle to help keep the hormone dissolved. If you want to go so far as holding it in simmering water or bake it in the oven at around 250 degrees then just put a venting needle in it before you heat it so the heated air in the bottle has a way to vent. The plastic base of most needles are made of polypropylene and it melts at like 320 degrees Fahrenheit so dont get it that hot and you should be good.