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How I'm Using My Cottage Cheese


As salad dressing

half cup of cottage cheese
half cup of skim milk
garlic and red pepper grinder
EV Olve Oil

blend the cheese up until its smooth
then add milk and spices and olive oil blend again

fucking awesome....especially as a dip for sweet potato fries

as Ice Cream


half cup of Cheese
1 scoop of protein
2 or 3 spoons of Nut butter...I've been using Hazlenut with banana protein...its all good though

blend the cheese first, then add the rest of the stuff

freeze overnight

I've been playing around with some stuff and so far these are the top two

will post more when I figure more out




Mix with some sugar free orange jello, canned mandarins and pineapples and cool whip= awesomest use for cottage cheese ever. Seriously. Or just put cottage cheese, 2 eggs, and juice from 2 lemons in a blender with splenda. Also good.


correction to the ice cream

its hard getting it out of the blender so just blend the cheese

then in a bowl add in the Nut Butter and protein....maybe egg whites then stir that up til its smooth


I like this thread ... good stuff Ct.


I just tried the lemon juice, splenda and egg whites

i put in some ice and blueberries when i blended it...awesome!

i'm gonna try the jello later on


thanks Polo, you try anything yet?

side note: your Ct. Chockula joke hurt my evil feelings....I've been living in that dude's shadow for like 200 years lol


What... no blood?


Blood is already pretty anabolic and full of protein, ading Cottage cheese to it would be overKILL


As a brownie:

3 tbsp chocolate protein powder
2 tbsp fat free cottage cheese (or not fat free, doesn't matter)
2 tbsp of water
1 tbsp cocoa powder
3 packets splenda

mix it up in a bowl with a hand mixer until it becomes like a batter. Put in microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on your micro), take out, put in freezer for a few minutes, enjoy.

Also, if you want, you can blend in natural peanut butter as well, a tbsp or so.


I'm eating this right now.....awesome


I love cottage cheese with pineapple chunks. The best!