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How I Stop Worrying about Palumboism


I thought I'd give my thoughts on this and how I use slin. What causes Palumboism? Palumboism is caused by the accumulation of visceral fat. Slin signals muscle tissue and adipose tissue to uptake nutrients like glucose, creatine etc. When you store subcutaneous fat you can lose it quickly by cutting. But not so with visceral fat.

So first, is slin dangerous? Are you an idiot? Y/N? If Y: slin is dangerous. If N: slin is not dangerous.

I never take sugar with slin. Sugar + slin = fat accumulation. I don't use slow acting slin. If you need sugar to prevent hypoglycemia then you're taking too much slin. Because I eat every 2 hours and have low GI carbs with every meal I don't need to concern myself with hypoglycemia. Slin takes my blood glucose down from around 6.4 to around 4. I only use aspart and only post-workout. I take HCG before slin to reduce fat storage. 8iu insulin aspart immediately following workout.

One of the things I learned from experience is to thoroughly hydrate myself before and after workout. When I drink lots of water my muscles are hydrated and seem to uptake nutrients more easily. Slin is so effective I can literally notice increase in mass(not just water) the day after a heavy workout of drop sets. Nothing else can bring immediate mass / size gains like slin in combination with AAS.