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How I Stay at 8% Bodyfat Year Round

How I stay at 8 percent bodyfat year round I just eat at maintenance calorie to maintain my weight which is 160lbs here is proof that I’m 8% bodyfat

Oh my days…


no… just no… this picture proves nothing.

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You are nowhere near 8% BF at present. That said, the number doesn’t matter–what matters is whether you’re satisfied with your current body composition. If you are, eating at maintenance and continuing your current workout regimen will keep you where you’re at.


What body fat do you think I’m at then I want to cut down to 5% bodyfat



To look great

This looks like those old “Bro you don’t get it I’m so dedicated” threads.Oh the days…


I would say 12-15%. But again, it doesn’t matter. Don’t aspire to a number–aspire to a physique.

Okay thanks so if I cut a 1000 calories out of my nutrition and cut down my weight to 130lbs will I be at 5% bodyfat

I would say you are 12-14 range.

You cant live comfortably at 5%. The best in the world train all year to come in at 5% for 1 single day.

IMO, if you want to look good, add some size, you look a little malnourished, but hey at the end of the day, its whatever makes you happy with your own goals.

How tall at you?


I’m 5’8" and I just want to be very lean I don’t really care about size at the moment

Since you’re into staying lean for the long term, why cut so aggressively?

I’d love it if you did a self-interview Q&A about your process.


Because I don’t exactly know my bodyfat% at the moment people here think I’m 15% bodyfat which if I am then that means I have long way to go to get to 5% bodyfat

I think you are already below 5%.

So you can stop now…please stop.



1.You only wanted to drop around 3% when you thought you were 8%, what changed now.Your looks haven’t changed, just the results you’ll get if you get in a barrel with water (a way they test body fat, for the joke to make sense)

2.Still, you’re in it for the long term and you look lean, why rush things

Are you being serious or just joking

So should to I just cut 500 calories out of my nutrition to slowly get 5% bodyfat