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How I Put On 14 lbs in 6 Weeks (So Far)


So for the last month, I've managed to get my bodyweight to the highest it's ever been, up about 14 pounds from a month ago (which was the end of 2 months of me not lifting, thank god that's over). My strength is following suit, it's freakin great!

Here's my basic plan I've been following, critique it as you want, I really don't care, try and upgrade it! So far it's working wonders for me and I want to share it.


Monday - HEAVY DAY
I pick 4-6 lifts that hit the whole body and hit each body part about 5-10 sets total, using sets of 3 with a 5 rep max.

For instance Bench Press would be considered a shoulder/chest/tricep excercise. rows are biceps/upper back. pulldowns/pullups/chins whatever hit same as rows. squats and deads are legs. overhead press is shoulders/tri's. That's the basic template, I've been doing variations of these too, trying not to prioritize legs much since my thighs are ahead of the rest of me, they get 5 sets, no more.

Tuesday - 2x20 day - same idea as monday, but hitting the higher rep stuff. I hate this day. Usually do about 10 total sets, include ab work.

Weds - Olympic lifting! I love this shit, I need better shoes though.
I alternate snatches and clean and jerk each one of these workouts, and do each lift exclusively.

Usually work on my technique and speed/explosivity for about 20 reps, then 25-30 reps of 'heavy' work, and then finish out with 5 minutes of technique/speed work again. I might also do some chest work, like flies, simply because my chest development is lagging. 3 sets of 10 flies or something similar.

Thurs - off, or I do some GPP for 30 minutes if I feel up for it. example would be 20 pushups, 10 squats of bodyweight (on the bar) and then 10 pullups. rest 2 minutes, repeat. Do this 3 times... then 4... then 5... then go 3 times with 1:30 rest, 4 sets... and on (I have the progression planned out... but I usually enjoy the off day :-))

Friday - Hypertrophy work. 4x8 Usually just upper body (incline bench + rows or pulldowns), abs (hanging pikes), and some reverse hypers. Lots of stretching this day too.

Saturday - 200 situps and 200 pushups. 50 bodyweight jump squats. not really a workout, just movements spread throughout the day to stay active on an "off day" OR go do some tabata squat rack curls (j/k)

Sunday - off or whatever I feel like I need to do (this can be absolutely anything. Snatches, front squats, golfing, a hike, playin some football, anything).

Usually take a pretty nice walk through Costco for the next week's groceries, which brings up my diet.

It's pretty similar every day. I haven't been countin calories, instead I've been eating "by the pound" Typically I've been following Berardi's Healthy Habits for basically every meal, every day.

This includes about 2-3 cups of berries a day plus about 2 pounds of fruit each day (whatever looks ripe or close to it when I shop each week).

I've also been putting down about 2.25 pounds of spinach and mixed greens (combined) a week. I've found that sauteeing the spinach really helps to eat decent amounts each day. (that's like 4 cups of spinach and 4 cups of mixed greens a day, it's not dense, but it's volumous).

Flax Bread usually gets eaten around what others call "lunch" and I call 3rd meal.

As for protein, I am a vegan that typically eats about 300 grams of protein a day, this consists normally of Metabolic Drive (bars and powders), Surge, turkey, steak, cheeses, yogurts, and occaisonally some salmon (or a binge feeding of sushi every other week... all you can eat!).

I guess I'm not a good vegan (or one at all) considering I eat about a pound and a half-2 pounds of various animal tissue a day. I love steak.

Supps right now include fish oils, Surge and alls sorts of Grow!/Metabolic Drive... and extra virgin olive oil for all that cooking I get to do. A multi-vitamin too. As well as some beer once or so a week.

That's it.

On average, I guess that's about 4+ pounds of food a day. It's great. I always have tons of energy too!

Bodyfat has been in check, not increasing as my abs appear to be looking covered by about the same amount of flub. I'll cut when I decide that the beach/swimsuit is 8 weeks out, or when my jaws get tired of chewing, whichever seems to come first (probably the beach).

So, whatchy'all think?
Any takers?

Finally, a big thanks to Berardi, Lowery, Waterbury, and T-Nation as a whole. Y'all have really helped me in forming my little plan and it seems to be working great!


Kind of like CW's Quattro Dynamo meets Staley's Mult-Sport Strength Training. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - keep at it.


I'm wasn't familiar with Staleys program that you pointed out, but I just read it and wow... maybe that was looming in the back of my mind when I made this one as I probably read it when it came out 6 months ago as there's a lot of similarities.

As for Quattro Dynamo, I have never done anything that added muscle to my frame as good as QD did, so I applied a lot of that into this.

Also, regarding CW's high frequency stuff, I think it's awesome, that and I wasn't seeing any gains on a typical push/pull or bodypart split for about a 2 year period (ironically right before the first time I ever did QD).