How I Power Cleaned 365x5

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
Let’s get a vid of that.[/quote]
This. Although, LikeWater did say he’d post a video a year and a half ago. Folks are still waiting on that one. :wink:

Water, you seem to be a big dude and it sounds like you’ve gotten results for clients, but in that thread you did state:
“as a college football player I acheived some strength and speed feats that are noteworthy

Football Power Clean (straps & crappy form)

You really should’ve clarified in your first post in this thread that you weren’t actually talking about a legit power clean and you weren’t talking about doing it recently. It’d be like saying “Here’s how I benched 600”, but forgetting to mention that it happened in your athletic prime 20 years ago, on a Smith machine, and was only lowered to six inches above the chest.

Not trying to “hate” or whatever, just saying. Again, it does seem like you have some solid info to share in general.