How I Power Cleaned 365x5

did not do more than a couple sets of cleans per month for 3 months prior

what I did do

Made some Monster gains on my squat did explosive rack pulls from 4 (+/-) inches below the knee - Always Max effort with locked scap
lots of broad jumps & vert Jumps explosive shrugs with no regard for humanity or form

prior to this my best set was 315 x 7 (sounds like a weird set but it was for college football strength testing sub max B.S.)

-just sayin - mods if you need to move this post that cool, I just posted here since Christian seems to do a lot of “hybrid” training with olympic like movements etc.

Let’s get a vid of that.

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
Let’s get a vid of that.[/quote]
This. Although, LikeWater did say he’d post a video a year and a half ago. Folks are still waiting on that one. :wink:

Water, you seem to be a big dude and it sounds like you’ve gotten results for clients, but in that thread you did state:
“as a college football player I acheived some strength and speed feats that are noteworthy

Football Power Clean (straps & crappy form)

You really should’ve clarified in your first post in this thread that you weren’t actually talking about a legit power clean and you weren’t talking about doing it recently. It’d be like saying “Here’s how I benched 600”, but forgetting to mention that it happened in your athletic prime 20 years ago, on a Smith machine, and was only lowered to six inches above the chest.

Not trying to “hate” or whatever, just saying. Again, it does seem like you have some solid info to share in general.

hey bros out of town for a few days

yeah no vids from 20 years ago (although I do have one of an 805 & a 720 dead squat I might b able to track down)

for the record crappy form does not make a power clean not legit, just implying that I barely bent my knees to catch the weight

straps… we you may have a point… not legit I suppose with straps

I will track down those vids… they are uber shite quality but you will not “hate or whatever” 'bout my squat being a courtsey or anything like that

the 805 squat was done like 10 months after a patellar tendon reattachment too

i really like helping people make progress & see a lot people courting the issue on how to get it done - I’m hoping there are a couple of young bucks out there that read up, use it to their adavantage & shred their way to the top with it

& hey!! who says that was my prime!!! (lol)

Let’s see a vid

ill get some vids up

whatever I can track down from yesteryear & I’ll start gettin some current training on film…

I can prolly find a few old pics layin’ around too

Wait, so the 365 clean was from 20 Years ago?

Why does this thread exist?

mostly for you off course

…& to provide some insight to some younger guys (or older I suppose) that are in the process of developing super strength

you could probably learn something MAsteve, the point is not what I did, it is how I did, the site is about relentless pursuit of muscle, something I know very well through my personal experience & professional

I chose to put it on Christian’s forum as it seems “in line” with his outlook on development

No offense, but without any proof this thread is pointless. And, a pic or vid of you doing anything other than cleaning 365 in no way proves that you cleaned 365.

news break to WhiteFlash - you are missing the point, i am not bragging or trying to make claims that aren’t true -

my point - Big Squat Gains, combined with a lot of plyometric training, combined with a lot of erector training really jacked my PowerClean - that is the point

I also plan on posting some methods I used to achieve some other big lifts - you might b able to learn something from me, i certainly try to learn something from everyone on here

note 1: back in '94 we didn’t run around with cell/video phones

note 2: at the time, I am sure I wouldn’t have cared enough to video it anyway

note 3: because it happened in 1994 does not make the information any less valuable

note 4: It’s all good man

News break to LikeWater: if you have no proof of your claims then posting supposed methods to achieve said baseless claims is pointless. That’s not being a dick, that’s reality.

What did you weigh when you accomplished said goal?

WhiteFlash… there is a chance that your reality guidelines only apply to you

but for fun I’ll take the bait - you want me to do it again??? I’m game, give me 6 months or so & I’ll see what I can put together…

I’ll be 40 in Jan, a good mid-life challenge is probably just what I need

you have to commit to following my training log on it… yes?

I was between 305-310

[quote]LikeWater wrote:
i am not bragging or trying to make claims that aren’t true[/quote]
All due respect, Water, but your threads do pretty much come off as bragging, with a 1.25-1.5xBW clean for reps, squatting 800 for reps, a 1,000-pound squat, you posting on behalf of your Olympic swimmer, and you posting on behalf of your two figure competitors. Again, it does sound like you could have very solid info to share, but it’s not translating right.

[quote]note 1: back in '94 we didn’t run around with cell/video phones
note 2: at the time, I am sure I wouldn’t have cared enough to video it anyway
note 3: because it happened in 1994 does not make the information any less valuable
note 4: It’s all good man[/quote]
I do understand these points, but to touch back on the “legit-ness” of the clean, in my head whenever I head “college football player clean”, I’m picturing something along the lines of:

That doesn’t interest me or impress me very much, other than as a demonstration of brute force at all costs (including vertebrae).

The pic in your profile from last year is definitely something, and admittedly more than many on here. You are a big dude (with relatively-smallish-looking legs. Fair’s fair, man.)

But you’re also relatively-new around here and I think that’s why you’re getting grief for tossing out advice. But I also bet you have thick enough skin to hang around, weather the storm, and put up some solid evidence to shut down the doubters… or not. :wink: I kid, I kid. Kinda.

[quote]LikeWater wrote:
I was between 305-310[/quote]

Damn! Your a big guy.

please feel free to ask any questions specifically about improving your powerclean on this thread

I started my mid-life crisis training log here…

any compliments, critiques or complaints are welcome on that thread

a sincere thanks to WhiteFlash (I like the name too as I’ve had my share & given my share) & Chris Colluci for the prompt to take some action

note to Christian - I did not start this thread in your forum to instigate, I was naive enough to think that the bros here would just ask a few questions & talk about their training a bit, but I do learn eventually!!

god I hate football power clean videos, and it’s not because of the form, lol.

what do you love PB Andy?