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How I Boosted My Squat and Deadlift


id like to share how i increased my deadlift and squat...
im 41yr old natural lifter,been lifting weights 13yrs,last year i started powerlifting,i hadnt squatted for 5yrs previous to that and have been deadlifting just over a year and a half,my squat now is 190kg x 3,deadlift 232.5kg x2,i done my first powerlifting comp in february,my squat 185kg bench 135kg deadlift 220kg,for my squat training i started at 160kg x 5reps,after that i done 10reps with 12okg,after that box squats 3 sets 3 reps,then zercher squats close stance 3 sets,every week id add 2.5kg to my squat x5reps and increase my 10rep squat x 5kg,after i hit 185kg i went to 3 reps,andim currently on 195kg x3 on squat,ill do that till i get to 197.5kg have week off and test max,my deadlift i done much the same only i started 3reps instead of 5,and im doing doubles now,nearly every week ive hit pbs,i would try this if your looking to boost ur squat and deadlift,and i do it just once a week.hope this helps any older lifters :slight_smile: