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How I Added 25kg to My Squat 1rm


im 41yr old drug free lifter,ive raised my raw squat from 185kg in 13weeks
heres how
first week1
warm up squats
160kg x 5,after i done heavy 5 with 160,i done 10reps with 120kg
high box squats 3 sets working to 190kg
3 sets zercher squats working 80kg to 120kg.
every week i added 2.5kg to my 5rep squat,
and increased my 10 rep squat by 5kg
just keep zerchers for reps
and pushed box squats
when i got to 180kg,i started on trbles with that weight but increased 5kg every week
my 12th week was like 195kg for 3reps,then 150 for 10reps
box squats 1x5 170kg 1x3 190kg 1x1 205kg
zercher squat 1x4 110kg
1x3 130kg 1x2 140kg
i had few days off 4days to b exact,teasted max,hit 200kg easy,205 good,and finally 210kg
i must say its great routine,you have to keep pushing hard,hope it helps any1 whos squat is stuck :slightly_smiling: didnt squat that fast lol,dont know why the video is going that fast?


Strong man!

Recently started squatting again after being a dumbass and not bothering to do them lol doing them off a box though.

What do you do for deads? Id love to get up to 4 plates a side (weak yes lol), although not far off this goal :slight_smile:


thanks man,keep squatting it will help ur deads plus box squats zerchers and arched back goodmornings is wat helped me,my deadlift went from 220kg to 240 in 12 weeks,i started 1st week 200kg x 3 reps,each week adding 2.5kg,till i got to 230kg,then i started doubles and added 5kg a week,i got to 237.5kg x 2,had deload week and tested max,hit clean 240kg just missed 245kg,during deads after my heavy set,i would do sppeed deads 5sets 2 reps at 60% then rack pulls below the knee and good mornings,it really helped my dead which is slow lol,hope it helps,give it a try,i guarantee it will add to both squat and deads…


How do you squat with the bar that low on your back?


buddaboy,its low bar squatting,i do powerlifting and have been using that way for 8mths,i find it suits me better,takes a few weeks to get use to…


That was a pretty high squat for you “doing” powerlifting. Looks like the spotter helped at the top also.


Ah ok…very interesting…

You seem to use alot of exercises that are lower back intensive (squat, box sqwats, deads, rack deads, gms etc). I was worried my lower back might be still fatigued after doing box squats on saturday and deads tuesday, but after hearing you say this i feel stupid haha.

How does your weekly split look? Currently looking to add strength and size and it would be great to hear more from some one with your strength levels :slight_smile:


yeah i believe in hitting the core hard,i usually squat monday and deadlift friday.
im currently doing smolov squat base cycle,started yesterday,
i usually train 5 days a week.

squats,i usually work to heavy set of 5 or 3,then i do set of 10reps after that say 70% of my max
then box squats 3 sets 3 reps 170kg or 180kg,them zercher squats 3 sets,and finish with 3 sets good morning for reps 6

tuesday chest
flat bench 5x4,incline 3x 5 and pause negatives to finish

wednesday upper back and shoulders
bent barbell rows 3 sets working to 140kg for 5reps,wide grip pullups 3x 10,reverse machine pulldowns 2sets 8 to 10 reps and powershrugs 4 sets working up to 230kg x 3.standing frond shoulder press 4 sets,plate raises 2 sets,lateral raises 2 sets

friday deadlift
usually work up to heavy set for 3 reps,then speed pulls 5x2 180kg,rack pulls 3 sets

saturday bicep and tricep,hope that helps,it works well for size and strenght,i eat 7 meals a day,hope it helps,i mix things around every 6 weeks or so


dom,it was max effort attempt,it was inch above paralell,spotter didnt help me,hes my training partner,he just keeps close,you know wat they say its not what ya do in the gym,its wat ya do on the platform that matters lol