"How I Added 100 Pounds to My Deadlift", Lats/Pulling Frequency?

Coach CT If doing the workout setup from the article “How I added 100 pounds to my deadlift,” should back only be trained on deadlift day. Or should few sets of chin ups or rows be performed also on another day?

From that article I have:
Monday- Overhead press with shoulder tricep isolation
Tuesday- Squats with bicep isolation sometimes
Wednesday- Off
Thursday-Bench with chest tricep isolation
Friday- Off
Saturday- Deadlift with chins rows trap isolation
Sunday- Off

Thanks for your time

Hi I’m not CT but if you follow the program you shouldn’t add back on another day but the deadlift days because assistance exercises in this template should only reinforce the movement and the muscles thatare directly involved in the lift. By that logic you shouldn’t do biceps on the squat day either.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking also. I just questioned back frequency based on the upper body pushing muscles are getting worked 2 days a week with the overhead press the bench press and legs are getting twice with the squat and deadlift.

Back is only getting once a week.

But I guess this is similar to the power look program also with back only on deadlift day.