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How I 5/3/1/ - What Do You Think?


have started a modified version. Regular beyond 531 percentages, 3 weeks, no deload,(until I need it). Example: Bench day: 531 percentages, last set AMRAP, I calculate a 1RM from those reps and weight, load 90% on bar. I will do 1 rep at that 90%(explosive/powerful), then Overhead press for my Boring But Big 10reps(55%), Superset with set of 5 rep heavy shrugs. I then take like a 5min break, and do it again, 5 times. Then, through out the day, I hit up some skull crushers 12 reps, followed by modified dips of 8 reps.(not doing full dip as for chest, only rotating at elbow for tricep isolation. Dips tear up my shoulders) My gym is in my finished basement…so I just hop downstairs and get some volume in on the accessory lifts. (NOTE: OHP I do not do 90%, I do 80% for 3 reps)
Now, what I do at 3 weeks, instead of deloading on 4th week, I reset back to week one. Instead of adding only 5lbs to lower and 10lbs to upper…I take my final set(3rd week) that is at 1+(AMRAP) and get a new calculated 1RM. I plug that into my 531 app, recalculate the next 3 weeks(app uses 90% TM training max for calculations). Why? Because I am just getting back into it after a shoulder injury. I will progress faster. Once I get to a point where adding only 5lbs to upper and 10lbs to lower makes sense, I will do the standard 531.
I recommend that for any beginner to novice that would benefit more for a linear progression program first as opposed to strict 531 program.
As you know, advanced lifters add less to the bar every month, where as a novice can add more, and beginners even more. True story!

I know some may say…“then you are not doing 531”, but I say I am, just putting my own spin on it.


I would like you to consider this.

You walk into a room and two guys are talking. You overhear them, one guy says he has almost topped 3 plates for a deadlift.

The other guy says he has squatted more than the other guy’s total. He says he spent his entire life training. He was coached by some of the best coaches in the world and trained with some of the strongest guys around as well. This is how he makes his money and that he has been so successful at it he wrote one of the most well-renowned training programs in history. Spending about a decade refining it. So successful that he has never once had to over-hype his program or talk about bullshit “shocking” results. He says tens of thousands of people have gotten strong with the program.

Now, there is 10ft mound of cocaine in the room as well. How much of the cocaine would you need to inhale before you thought it was a smart idea to listen to the 3 plater over the guy who knows his shit?

Favorite Wendler Quotes

Then the forum stood up and started clapping.


I can’t stop thinking about the pile of coke.


Tsantos - You just made my day.


You’ve probably made one of the simplest progression programmes in the world unbelievably complicated. Couldn’t you use one of the programmes designed for rapid linear progression until you get to the point where you are happy to go with 531 again?