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I been starting to bulk up and doing massive eating
I was wonding how high I should go on bf before
cutting up

I’d say around 15-20%

JMB recommends not to go higher than 10%BF [which is what I follow]. I believe Bill Roberts recommended somewhere between 10-12%BF, and Christian Thibaudeau recently recommended to an individual 12-14%.

Ultimately it’s up to you. I would say that the most important thing is to never let yourself bulk or slimdown to a point where you lose a positive self-image. Because its then when illogical choices and crash diets make their appearance to rob you of all hard earned gains.

Good luck!

I know that when we are born we have a certain number of fat cells in us. At what bodyfat% do we start producing more fat cells that what we were born with. I would think that is the percent you won’t want to bulk over. Anyone know?

Here is a good question, though: How many people live in the ‘less than 10%’ catagory for significant periods of time, anyway? And of that group, how many are just barely under? And of those who are considerably under, how many weigh 140lbs? My point being, I think bulking to 12% or so is more reasonable of the options.

That would depend on your personal goals and how well your body can rid itself of the extra fat.
For example:
There are several powerlifters in our gym that are probably 20%+ body fat. The strength/power has top priority here.

I’ve got to say that the mirror is your friend here, not the calipers. One guy at 15% will look better than another guy at 15%. It’s all about what you look and feel like.

what do you want to do? power lifting? body building? look good on the beach? just be a healthy guy? if you’re a body builder the worst thing to do is get fat in the off season ( like ol’ Lee preist) cause its gonna be hell losing it all (unless you have Hydroxycut, or wait! Is it ripped fuel… oh i cant keep up!). try to stay under 16%. if you just wanna lift heavy iron thats a different story… figure out what u want 1st and go from there