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How Heavy To Make Sandbags?

I’ve started making 3 lb increments for my sandbag but I dont know how many to make. I’ve already made 100 lbs worth of increments, but I dont know how long i should continue. 200 lbs enough? how bout 300?

I don’t really understand the question. How big of a sandbag do you have?

how many sand bag increments should I make?

each increment weighs 3 lbs

I will put each increment in a large duffle bag and adjust the weight accordingly to each exercise.

I’ve already made 34 sand bag increments (~100 lbs) but don’t know how many to make

I say make 400 pounds and send me 200 pounds worth. Other than that, it depends on your current level of strength, what types of exercises you use etc. It’s common sense. Start with what you have, if it’s too light for your purposes make more. Do you really need to be told this?

i wouldnt worry about such little increments as theres no need to use the sandbag for every lift.

id start with 1/3 bodyweight, when thats easy 2/3rds, then BW then BW + 1/3 etc…