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How Heavy Should One Lift on a Cut?

I know that one should maintain as much strength as possible, but is there a good %—or better yet—range, of the one-rep I should aim for?

I also do powerlifting and realize that I don’t want to exhaust myself with PR attempts, which I learned the hard way at the beginning of my cut…

Go as heavy as your body will allow. That’s mostly what I pick up from articles on the web and on here.
From the last cut I managed, I did cut my calories a bit too drastically towards the end, but I kept my percentages around 75-80%, for lower reps.

How you gauge it is unique to your own abilities/current progress. Even if the weight feels unusually heavy for something you otherwise could hit for higher reps, I think is okay personally.

You can still add in accessory stuff but I wouldn’t add too much since you’re already in a deficit, and wouldn’t wanna burn yourself out.

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As heavy as one is able


Don’t change anything in terms of how you’re lifting. The dietary and cardio changes will drop the fat and the training (“what built it will maintain it”) will preserve lbm.



I have no idea why you don’t hear that more often.

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x2! Some people have the mindset that they need to “back off” and do everything 15-20 reps when on a diet, which wouldn’t be an ideal way to go, but purposely lifting heavier than normal isn’t going to help either. A well structured training plan should have you lifting in a variety of rep ranges, so keep that going and let the nutrition and cardio control your physique.

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