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How Heavy Should I Lift Doing the 6-6-6 Sprint Fat Loss Workout


How heavy should my weights be for the lifting workout that goes with the 6-6-6 sprint workout? Also I have the most time to sprint and lift on Saturdays and Sundays. Is it smart to lift on back to back days like that. By smart I mean am I hurting my fat loss potential by doing so. I am currently on week 2 of the 6-6-6 sprint plan and just started the lifting workout to go with it this week.


sprinting 6 times a week is a ton of stress on the body -I would say twice a week tops.


I know this a week old, but hopefully you're still on the program and figured something out. If it still helps, double-check the article itself. It includes a suggested weight training plan. It also says, "

The article addresses this too.

"For those who wish to continue on with their regularly scheduled training, the obvious modifications concern leg training.

First, on days where you train legs, sprinting will be optional. If you choose to sprint on your leg training days (masochist), sprint first and reduce your weights. [...]

The other mandatory change to make is to avoid sprinting the day after your leg training."

So if you can only lift Saturday and Sunday, I'd do sprints and a full body session Saturday, no sprints and upper body work Sunday. Definitely not ideal though.