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How Have Steroids Impacted Your Life?

Hello all, how have steroids positively and negatively impacted your life? Also, why have you chose to use steroids in the first place?

Background info about myself: I am 19 years old and starting blast and cruise soon. Before you waste your damn time, i’ve already ran 2 cycles before, get blood ran every 2 months, am very knowledgeable about steroids, feel amazing on and off cycle, in college with a 4.0 and currently on pace to be summa cum laude, and successful in many aspects of my life. Not your average “teen”, so don’t waste your time trying to lecture me when this is my life and i am well balanced in life, not just the juice! I see steroids as a hack to life as long as abuse doesn’t take place. never run test higher than 500, don’t plan to, use lower doses of other compounds.

For me, steroids have a lot of positive aspects without abuse!!! What are your favorites?

According to me, the only “not totally dumb” reason a non-sick teen would take steroids is that he competes or tries to be at world’s top level.

Being knowledgeable is irrelevant, and I don’t think you are since you did not grasp the long term consequences of your actions. Especially when at 19 you’re considering to blast and cruise

To answer you question, my favorite part in the steroids universe is when I lurk at forums and see people who kill their dck with 19nors, and those who are in the middle of their cycle and have no clue about what they’re doing and discover about PCT. What can I say, I am a sadistic bas**d!


To each his own, i am surrounded by people who drink nonstop, do lines on a whore’s tits, and inject things other than AAS, being that this is college. I personally think steroids is my vice of choice and i’m fine with that!

As far as sadistic bastard goes… well… i guess i am one too! hahahahhaha

Current bodyweight and PRs?

Recreational anabolic use in a teenager’s still-developing physiology is, by definition, abuse. Bit late for that.

Cool. I’ll give you a quick lecture about forum etiquette though. I edited your post because there was no reason for you to tag the thread with T-ransformation2019, T-ransformation2018, or any of the other random tags you tried to include. The thread has nothing to do with those topics, so tagging is unnecessary.


Something makes me think that this isn’t a difficult accomplishment at this particular university…


Seems pretty presumptuous of you. Let’s not pretend that these activities don’t happen at ivy league schools too. Seems pretty judgmental coming from you.


I go to LSU, biggest college in Louisiana! Now trying to ignore your disrespectful assumption, yes that’s pretty damn hard. Doubt you have come even close! Look it up, arguably a harder accomplishment than you have achieved in your life!

Thank you brother, assumptions breed nothing but ignorance!

So you bash him for being presumptuous while also being presumptuous about what he has or has not completed in his life. Whats that saying Kettle meet pot. Lets slow the roll on all the negativity.


You keep writing “seems”, but I don’t see that. I feel like it simply is presumptuous and judgmental.

Dude, I beat Final Fantasy VII without using material. Let’s not embarrass ourselves here.


Well I said seems, because that is what it appeared to be. Maybe your statement was true maybe it wasn’t. I can not determine that it is or not.

Now that we are past the need for my justification for my accomplishments and what i want to do with my own life, what are you all’s favorite aspects that steroids added to your life? Mine was being able to study longer than others with less sleep, having extra drive, and of course… the women!!! Something about it just improves my life overall. What is your story?

This is why I support solipsism.

Please stop making me use google


6’0, 215 pounds at 11% body fat, and that’s an overestimate. Usually don’t get fat from overeating. As far as PR’s,

Bench: 345 lbs
Squat: 485
Deadlift: 535

I could pursue powerlifting if i wanted to, as i do not even try to max out right now. I currently pursue education, after that is done i might shift my tunnel vision to a fitness related area! Sorry for the tags, did not mean to click them to be honest. And to address the “abuse”, i guess you could consider ANYONE at ANY AGE using anabolic steroids at healthy hormone levels is abuse, correct? Also, pretty sure i am done developing… haven’t grown at all in past 3 years other than muscle. I would rather “abuse” a hormone in my body than abuse other drugs to get high for 10 minutes, that’s just me though! do you agree?

The reason he brought up age, is because at a young age your brain is still developing, I think until the age of 25 or so. Use of AAS early on in adulthood can be harmful to full brain development.


This is why I’m glad all I did was get a tattoo at 19.


I understand that! I agree, normally i would advise against it. but if i am outperforming 7,500 students (my class, 31,000 total) and my brain isn’t done developing, so be it. i’m fine where i’m at! Not trying to sound too cocky, i’ve just researched this way too much for lecturing you know what i mean? anyways, can someone please answer the whole point of this topic?

I was in SOI, School of Infantry after Marine boot camp at 19. We had weekend liberty, so a bunch of us run out on town and get tattoos. I got USMC in ole english letters that are about 3-4 inches big across my back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

We get back Sunday evening and check in. Our instructors tell us to gear up, we are leaving at 530 am. Ended up marching with 40 pound pack for 6 miles that next morning. I was never in so much pain.


If you have researched it then you know the benefits and the consequences.

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