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How Has Your Training Year Been?

I’ve added a good 25-30lbs since the end of January, and my pants still fit me fine with a 36" waist, so I’m quite please with my progress this year. I’m going to continue on till next July with my bulk, at which point I should hopefully be carrying around enough mass to cut some of the bulk-belly fat I have - currently at 220lbs @ 6’, whereas I was 190ish last december.

So, how much have you guys achieved this past year? Have you reached your goals, or had a lot of set backs?

Gained 32 lbs since Jan. 1.
Went from 180 to 212 at 5’ 9"
Leaned down to 203 since October.
I’m starting bulking again this week in time for Thanksgiving.
33" waist this morning. 42" chest. 17" Bi’s, 29" legs
Happy with my progress.

Really good year so far:
6’4", 43 Years Old
Put on 20 Lbs from 220 to 240
10 days into Velocity diet to trim
15-20% Strength Increase, more on some groups, less on others
Size gains all around
No major injuries
Learned a lot about what works for me
concerning lifting routines and diet.
Feeling Healthy, Feeling Big.

Goal for next year : 240 @ 10-12% BF
10-20% Up in Strength

I think pics in my profile show my progress better than I can explain. Weight this year has always been within +/-10 lbs of 195.(5’9)

Bench 230x1 -> 290x1
Deadlift ~300x1 -> 408x8*touch n go standard plates
Squaut ~270x1 -> ~375x1

Now its bulk time up to 205-210 hopfully.


Bad. Started off the year in a sling due to rotator cuff strain.

Developed bicep tendonitis in May and trying weighted chins three times and each has aggrevated it quite a bit (can do pull ups, though)

Hurt my back Nov. 12. It rounded on the last rep of rack pulls (measely 365). Still awaiting the orthopedist appointment.

But I have gotten moderately stronger and I’ve gained 20 lbs since January. I’m just frustrated at how injury prone I am. Had the same issues when playing soccer.

A good year for me. Set all new PRs in the big three. Well new PRs since my injury. Lifting weights now that I was hitting when I was in my early twenties. Added about twenty pounds back onto my squat sets. Finally doing sets in the low 400s again for squats and deadlifts. Bench press went up a little bit, only fifteen pounds I think, dont have my log handy.

I should be able to press a single at 400 real soon if I tried. Havent pulled singles in a very long time. Doesnt seem needed for the more bodybuilder like work I am into now. Going to swap to dumbell work for a while for presses and leave the thick bar alone to see how that goes.

Gained 31 lbs from Feb to Oct.
Cut 7 lbs from Oct till now.

Going to get back into bulking after this week.
Goal is another 20-25 lbs

Weight wise I’ve gained around 40lbs of lbm (Starting point was incredibly skinny).

Strength wise I’ve succumbed to training ADD for the majority of the year. I must have tried 20+ programs.

I’m very disappointed with my strength gains but have now resolved to stick with a simple 5x5 program for 6-12 months using deloads when necessary.

This year will be better now that I’ve gotten the ADD out of my system.

I’m very pleased with my results, and more so, with my new direction.

I decided too switch from a 4-day BB split to Powerlifting about midway through the year. My first run was Stephan Korte’s 3x3 program and I managed to hit PR’s in all of the Big 3.

Bodyweight went from 216 lbs - 234 lbs, but I have dropped back down to 225 lbs recently. Still wearing a 36" pant as well.

Just started my 3rd week of Sheiko #29, and will be bridging into #37 in a few weeks. I’m becoming extremely proficient at Squatting, which used to be one of my worst lifts…

looking forward to continued progress in 2009.

well, year’s not really over but I have alot to be thankful.
up 39lbs. strength gains as expected.
lots more to go though.

Up 45lbs and a lot stronger. Recently setbacks from injury though.

Awesome for me. I have more than surpassed my goals that were set out around the beginning of the year. I wanted to get up to 185lbs lean, accomplished that and kept going. I’m now sitting at 219 @ 5’10" as of this morning. I’m MUCH stronger than ever and having less (pretty much none) joint pain than earlier in the year.

Even though its a bit annoying I’m actually proud/happy that I’m maxing the weight stacks on several of the machines (cable row, lat pulldown, pec-deck, etc) at the gym with strict form and actually having to start looking for a new gym to train at. I’m taking it as a sign that I’ve surpassed “average”.

Good in terms of lifts, bad in terms of injuries, had to take 3 months off when I sprained EVERYTHING in my knee…

Gained a good 20 pounds of lbm… starting a 2 month cut after thanksgiving.

I started training this year so my start was 122 @ 5’8’’ now I’m 162 and way much stronger hopefully will gain some weight by the end of the year.

oh i started training in march.

This year started out well, but turned south around May. May-June is when my piriformis/sciatic issues started and then got progressively worse until September.

Finally got that taken care of and now I’m nursing a problem with my right shoulder that I’m sure was caused by me trying to do too much too fast after coming back to the gym. The shoulder is slowly getting better, but it’s pretty much ruined all chest and shoulder training for the last few weeks.

Basically, the goal for the rest of the year is to just keep working the legs and get the shoulder healthy and then go off once that feels good again.

stronger, probably 15 ish lbs of actual muscle from 12 months ago, plus whatever other weight gained, posture is better, injuries are alot better than previous years, however not all gone yet, probably the most successful year so far overall(including just starting) but if i can get myself completely injury free, i know i should progress alot more

I’ve put on 30 lbs since the beginning of July, but I only got serious about training within the last 2-3 months and gained 20 lbs since then. Not sure what my actual 1rm gains are, but I got a general idea. Bench has gone up at least 50 lbs, squats more than 100 lbs, and deadlift more than 100 lbs. I set out 250 bench, 275 squat, 300 deadlift for my Christmas goals in August, and I’ve already exceeded that by far. Except bench not quite sure what I’m at yet.

Well I was up 30 pounds from the beginning of the year but over the last 2 months my normally insatiable appetite has disappeared and I’ve lost 12 pounds (and not much of it is fat). At least my lifts haven’t dropped much.

If I’m still not eating normally in a week or so I’m going to go to the doc and see if he can figure out what’s going on. I don’t want it to be the diabetes.

I think it’s mostly in my head though because when my work schedule is not busy I seem to lose my focus. At least I hope it’s only in my head.

Great to see so many people making progress.

[quote]Tumbles wrote:
Great to see so many people making progress.[/quote]

Yeah, I agree.

Quite surprised to be honest.