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How Has the Best Serratus?


Hey who do you think has the best and most visible serratus muscles out of all professional athletes bodybuilders track and field etc?


one of my favorite is Frank Zane.


I don't know where the picture is or who it is first of so maybe someone can help me out. It's a black and white picture of a not famous bodybuilder from one of the Caribbean islands. He's wearing white trunks and doing a similar pose to Zane here. Whoever finds that photo will be smart and have a picture of a guy who crazy serratus development.


I knew Zane was going to be the first one posted. I've never seen a better serratus than his.




Ha ha ha...you're the man.



Moses Ashby. This pic made the powerful images before.


Even bigger than Zane's. Amazing.


That's it greekdawg, I knew someone would help my lazy ass out and find the picture haha.