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How Has T-Nation Changed You?


I'm new here and want to know how T-Nation has changed you? Stuff like, they offered me a job at the strip club bouncing or every-one looks fat now. Keep it short, no long b.s. and to Sic Torn "good job"


I sniff a lot more panties these days. (JK) :wink:

I feel like a part of a family and like a family you have people that get along and people that don't and everything in between.

In a lot of these interactions it has had me exercise my brain besides going to the gym and exercising my body. I dig it!


Professor X made me cry. Then we hugged.


OK, seriously. Three things: T-Nation helped me figure out what to do and when to do it. It helped me figure out WHY to do things, and HOW things work.

It was knowledge and science combined with determination and grit. The science behind muscle fiber recruitment, sets and reps, big compound moves, nutrition whats, whys and whens. That combined with people dedicated and committed to improving themselves. The drive to be better.

So, T-Nation took all my chaotic undirected attempts at self-improvement and helped me figure out a plan, then execute on it.

I'm still a beginner. But I am now a beginner who has a clue. A small clue maybe, but then I also have determination.


[quote]michaelv wrote:
It was knowledge and science combined with determination and grit.

There are a multitude of other things I've learned from T-mag, thus changing my "ways." But they all stem off from this one statement Michael made.


Besides the great info, it has made me less productive at work!


I quit over training, have gotten much stronger, type alot faster with less mistakes, eat better and more, no longer chronicaly hurting, get a good chance to work on my interpretation/comunication skills,

The list goes on, but my g.f. just yelled at me to wrap it up.


I no longer eat an entire cheesecake and tell people that I'm carbo-loading.

I no longer drink beer as a post workout drink.

I no longer pour milk on my morning bowl of Stanazol.

I no longer do a workout consisting of curls and kickbacks and tell myself I have been productive.

I no longer have any excuses about "I didn't know that". If I don't know it, it means I haven't looked for it.

I now have knowledge and progress where frustration used to live. I now have pecs that you can sit a beer can on top of while I'm standing up, instead of being able to hide a beer can under them.

Ok. Occasionally I will still do the first 3.


i smoke Grow!!! now instead of crack.


It's increased my interest in training more than ever before. Each day I learn something new to put into practice.

And I don't answer my home phone, mobile or the front door when I'm on here. It has saved me many hours of almost certain complaining from the female kind. :slightly_smiling:


I am bigger. And growing.


I've seen the fastest muscle growth ever in my body in about 3 months.

More specifically, I learned not to work to failure on each set and to work each muscle group more than once a week.

I've learned what works better for MY body and I still haven't read nearly as much as I want to yet.

There's so many great articles here, I feel like trying about 6 different routines or templates. I guess I have my work cut out for me for the next year without ever getting bored from training!


T-Nation has helped me find my goals. It has given me the knowledge I need. It has given me hope that there might be a T-Vixen in Arkansas.

God willing on that last one.


Instead of just doing a workout because some "pro" recommends it, here I can learn Why this or that method works. Learn How this or that will affect my body. The science is the best part to me!

And they have lots of pictures of pretty girls too....


Ha! Good stuff!


I definitely agree!! Plus it has motivated me to really stay conscience of my diet and trainig. Knowing that there are so many other people trying to be thier best relly pumps me up and keeps me sharp. I have also realized that Grow! kicks all the other proteins' asses!




I no longer rely on Bodybuilding magazines for "cutting edge" training advice.

THANK GOD!!!! :slightly_smiling:


I look better at 46 than I ever have before.
I have a better physique than most people I know (or see in public).

I am the guy in the gym that other guys learn from regarding new exercises, mechanics of exercise), nutrition.

I jump hard on anyone who uses the phrase "testosterone poisoning" and explain why estrogen is, in fact, far less beneficial than T.

I rarely consume chocolate or sugar anymore (except for products with "Grow!" in their name).

Kids at the school where I work warn each other not to mess with Mr. Shaw "...because just look at his arms!"


It's gotten me back into being an athlete. After I quit crew in college I was just another douchebag in the gym. Then my RA, a competitive bodybuilder, directed me towards T-Nation and just this weekend, a year and a half later, I competed in my first powerlifting competition. It's changed a lot of things in my life, but getting me back out there and competing I think is my number one