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How Has Covid Affected You?

Covid Is Messing With My Mojo

Anyone else more upset they can’t find things in stores to eat or things like rubbing alcohol? What have yall been doing to mitigate the added difficulties to living a healthy lifestyle? Or has it even affected ya where your at?

Up here my gym is empty (great!!)
My grocery store and pharmacy stores are sold out of all the necessities…
Gas has dropped by a lot.

Speaking for myself, my healthy lifestyle has not been compromised one bit and I have not had to alter anything………yet.

I’m a tight wad in most facets of my life but not when it comes to food/nutrition. I purchase organic produce and the other items I consume are minimally processed. These items are not what people are stock piling, so there (currently) is no shortage. I’m not a big guy and don’t have huge caloric needs.

I will mention that my work requires that I routinely use or have on hand both hand sanitizer and anti bacterial wipes. I have a few in surplus but feel it will be weeks if I ever see them on a shelf again.

Toilet paper you ask? I’ve spent periods of my life in the 3rd world where the need to take a dump is facilitated via squat toilets. And nope, no paper. Instead there is a small container which you fill with water, pour the water down your ass crack (while in the squat position) while simultaneously cleaning your turd cutter with your left hand. I have no issue with doing this if I have to.

As for the gym, I train at home and outdoors so no issues there.


pour the water down your ass crack (while in the squat position) while simultaneously cleaning your turd cutter with your left hand. I have no issue with doing this if I have to



That’s how it’s done, no joke.

In fact in those societies it is considered a sin to touch food or anyone with your left hand.
And if you’re left handed, you are stigmatized and encouraged to use your right hand.

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I’m pretty fortunate in the sense that while I don’t have everything I would want for a full gym I can easily do things to maintain. I guess it’s easier since I don’t do powerlifting or anything just train because I enjoy it and want to look good. So the heavy stuff can wait.

I won half a hog a while back so worse comes to worse we can just survive off that for a bit. Daughters been potty trained now for a bit so no need for diapers right now.

Right now nothing major but like everyone else if this shit goes like who knows.

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Thats a good win! Right now up northeast we have a very small amount of confirmed cases but as of Monday there is no daycare for kids. Schools and colleges are shut down. Business lay offs are huge and most shelves in the stores are clearing fast. It started with toilet paper and meat. Chicken was the biggest one.

I’m trying to switch my diet around a fair bit but I have been lucky enough to not be effected by the sudden change this weekend.

I’m going to try to switch to deer meat and moose meat but with my new bulk diet it’s already starting to get a little worrisome I may switch back to a maintenance diet for the few months until adjustment is made in stores.

My friend owns two pharmacies amd they’re heavily benefiting in sales but he himself cant even stock himself on isopropyl or anything anti bac related, and toilette paper and stuff. Now that I homebrew getting my powders is going to become a real struggle I fear and I wonder if the domestic UGL’s I trust will struggle too. I did my last couple bottles yesterday before I ran out of alc and BA. So at 750 test e a week I’ll probably try to stock pipe from ugl this week with enough to run a trt dose for the year.

@In10s your probably going to have am easy time accommodating your own lifestyle with your experience elsewhere but for the average folk this is going to be hell for a few months haha

You guys are mostly in the states I assume. Lol has anyone feared their gear may become less hygienic from their labs in the future if this last longer then the summer?

Restaurants, bars, recreation and entertainment are all closed by order of govt. Takeout/delivery from restaurants are still a go, and grocery stores still open.

No gatherings of 50+, and need a permit for under 50. Society is shutting down here. Economy is utterly tanking. I’m scared for the future.

Fuck. Best case society shuts down for 2 months, irreparable harm done to the world economy, and the medical impact is less than expected.

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I think if it’s two months shit will be ok. Massive demand for everything once we’re let back into the wild, and a shit ton of work to meet that demand.

Obviously I’m not saying it will be peachy and irreparable harm in terms of you can’t get back lost time. I think most consumer good industries will be ok in time. Places that are going to be hurting are all the ones who count on people going out and doing shit. Entertainment, tourism, etc. Vegas going to be a bloodbath and getting those places going back may be a slow process as I’m expecting most people to be busy as shit at work post freedom and maybe holding off on those type of trips for a while.

Much longer than two months and who the fuck knows. All the people who rely on people going out like restaurant and bar owners savings are going to take a massive hit as are the workers in those industries. If we get out mid May before summer starts will help.

We’re all just grasping at straws. When this shit started I never expected it to spread like it has. Hoping social distancing is successful but god damn who knows. You cough in public know people look at you like you’re pointing a gun at them.

I saw a movie at the People’s Cinema (very small congregation of people) where a person in the movie, off-screen, is coughing and everyone started looking around for the offender.


"Dear Valued Members,

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been carefully monitoring the progression of the virus and closely following the advice of Canada’s public health authorities. We have followed their recommendations and have implemented numerous changes in our Clubs to focus on our highest priority—the health and safety of our Members, Associates and everyone in Canada.

As the virus continues to spread in communities across Canada, and with Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer raising the public risk to ‘serious,’ we are seeing the need for increasingly bold action to reduce the transmission.

I am writing to you to personally inform you that we have made the difficult but important decision to close all GoodLife Fitness and Fit4Less Clubs across Canada, effective immediately.

Our purpose has always been to give every Canadian the opportunity to live a fit and healthy life. There is no moment in our history where that purpose is more important than today. Like other businesses across the country, we are closing our doors to further limit the spread of this virus and to protect the most vulnerable in our community. It is the right thing to do.

We know that exercise is extremely important to an individual’s physical and mental health. For more than 40 years, GoodLife Fitness has been helping to transform the health and wellness of Canadians, and we are committed to continuing to do so throughout this difficult time. The GoodLife team is currently working on digital at-home fitness options. We will have more information for you on that in the coming days.

We are also committed to the well-being of our Associates, including those who will be without work during the closure. We have made the decision to continue to pay all of our people for the next two weeks to help lessen the financial burden of this tremendous change. We look forward to welcoming them all back when we reopen.

All Member payments are being suspended as of Tuesday March 17 and any paid-in-full Memberships will be put on freeze until further notice and expiry dates will be extended accordingly. We look forward to reopening our doors as soon as possible and welcoming everyone back.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and each other.

Yours in Health and Fitness"

That’s my wake up today. Home gym it is… “LIGHTWEIGHT” unfortantely litterely no dumbells over thirty and no barbells or plates over 25 until this ends haha

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I’ve had to self isolate due to a seasonal cold. I’ve been thinking about it all night and decided that, even though normally I’d go to work, nobody will thank me for coughing and sneezing in my office. I emailed my fellow directors at 6am and we decided that it would be best if I work from home. I have a home gym so can still train.


i actually wouldn’t mind catching it just to test my immune system.


In London you get paid 4500$ to be injected with it for testing cures. Only 26 people agreed to it if I remember the article correctly. Covid apparently has a 3%mortality rate in men over 50 or 60 who smoked.(this is all me hear say out my ass talking. But cant be retarded far off… young people are recovering and schools of teens and youth in general aren’t overly affected by covid. It’s the adults and later in life people so far… plus it’s in colder climates and heat effects its ability to survive on surfaces as long… something like 3 days on surface and 4 hours airborne in cold climate)

Here in Texas, things are mostly normal. Restaurants, gym, theaters, etc are all open. After today, I will be working remotely from home. Grocery stores are doing a pretty good job of keeping stocked up. Still no TP as of yesterday but we are ok.

Edit: Schools and universities are all having extended spring breaks and them having classed remotely after that.

Similar story here in MN. I am savoring every day I get in the gym. Today may be my last for a bit, we will see.

This shit fucked up my travel plans!!!


Fuck mine too. Was planning a short trip to LA in early April that’s probably not going to happen but the biggest impact is going to be my summer vacation that we we going to take to Barbados in June .Ive never been there and we were really looking forward to it. At this point we are afraid to plan and pay for this trip.

Stud I’m in Texas also(DFW) and both of my gyms are starting to close early(to clean?)but I fear this is just the first step before closure.

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I asked the kid behind the desk as Golds yesterday if there was any rumor of shutting down and he said No. I hope he’s right. Right next door people are pouring into Alamo Draft House, shit…talk about close quarters.

The worst part of this virus is hearing coworker opinions on it. Worse than social media.